I Love You

I've tried my best to explain
But it just driven me insane
This feeling for you
Believe it or not, it is true...

You may not know that I like you,
But it is you that is in my view
People ask me why is it you whom I adore
I simply said that it's you that is in my heart's core.

Sometimes I feel lonely and blue
Whenever I dream of you
Kept wishing that you're with me
Someday I dream... really it will be.

I may not be the one you're looking for,
But I'll never stop trying to knock at your door
Maybe it's strange, as it may seem,
But you're the one who is in my dream.

These truly I cannot hide
But it keeps me hurting inside
Day by day, I am confused
When will I say... that I'm falling in love with you.

-to MRAS