A/N: This one is more than it seems, so have an open mind while reading it…


My pride is stripped from me,

Thrown aside like a rag.

It didn't matter.

I stood naked,


I'd like to say it was cold

It'd fit the scene.

But it wasn't.

It was hot, swelteringly hot.

The snake slithered down my neck

Caressing me with a dirty hand.

I'd like to scream

Rid myself of the Serpent

But the pain is unbearable

And I fear for my life.


Hot and throbbing

Went still



The light was gone

God had deserted me

But there was no Adam with whom to weep

I was not alone

But in many ways

I was.

I felt it enter.

The sin

Force itself in.

And I gasped

Let myself cry

Not able to hold back.

I was ignored

Alone more than ever.

It hurt

And I could do nothing to stop it

He was pleased,

Which made it hurt more.

And I cried.

Then it was over.

I was let go

I fell

Fell onto the hard ground, cold



The sun wasn't to rise for another six hours

I was left



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