Title: On Love's Wings

summary: A nerd and a jock become almost friends after an accident but can they become more or will the lines of their social status keep them from crossing it?

warnings: if you dont dig, boy x boy love, sod off.

disclaimers: trademarked stuff is not mine

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~ * Chaper 1 *~

"Watch where you're going loser!" a harsh voice snapped at tall youth. The thin framed junior listlessly obeyed the beefy boy, stepping to the side of the hall. The group of popular students laughed at him, moving on towards the cafeteria. Ryouji sighed, running a pale hand through his shoulder length dark brown hair, the locks lazily falling into waves. Piercing, intelligent lapis lazuli oculates filled with yearning for acceptance. His grip on his Advanced Calculus text tightened, the knuckles straining bony white.

His gait was one of someone humbled, someone who had faced far too many insults, someone who was extremely depressed. Ryouji kept his head bowed, not meeting any of his peers eyes. He was a nerd, a term that he was actually proud of because it meant he was very smart. Though, at times, he wished he were one of the revered jocks, one of those who were loved and envied by all at the school. It would make life so much easier.

Ryouji zoned Karrel-sensei from his mind, staring at the distant cherry trees waving in the gentle noon breeze, the pink blossoms delicately floating on the currents of air. A tiny smile quirked the corner of his lips. It was on days like these that he could forget his problems and be free. The 5A lunch students were spread sporadically on the vast expanse of peridot green lawn, cajoling and laughing with their friends. Ryouji's heart clutched in his chest.

Perhaps, that life was not for him. He was trained from a very young age to keep his attentions solely on his academics and pay no heed to the people that surrounded him. He was taught that friends were a crutch for the weak and would only hinder his life. He always believed the words his parents said but as he progressed into a teenager and actually saw what it was like to grow up, he was finding it more and more difficult to adhere to his parents rules.

It was not Ryouji's fault that he had been blessed with genuis. Ryouji's striking blue eyes focused in on a group of jocks and cheerleaders. Why was it that their kind were the alpha and Ryouji's were the beta of the class system in school? What was so special about them? He admitted they were beautiful; all the males were tan and muscular and the females were blonde and anorexically thin. They were rich and could probably have bought the city with their allowances but...then again, so could Ryouji. Other than being incredibly financially settled and being beautiful, there wasn't really anything else they had going for them. Their grades were on borderline; the teacher's merely passed them because of the influence their parents had. One could barely hold a conversation with the meathead boys and the ditzy girls. What was so interesting about make-up and football?

Ryouji fingered the edge of his notebook, lethargically working the problem on the projector. Slender and delicate digits tapped the keys on the calculator. Ryouji prided himself on his intelluctual capabilities. Not many people could have seven Advanced Placement courses and make straight A's. AP English, Ap Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, AP History, AP Studio Art, AP Latin-that was more than enough workload for a seventeen year old.

Ryouji let his gaze wander around the small class of six. Even with them he didn't entirely fit. Ryouji wasn't a nerd in its truest sense; he didn't wear tiny glasses that made his head look three times as big, he didn't correct everyone when they were wrong, he didn't try to flaunt his genius, he didn't involve himself in a million different clubs to be accepted. Ryouji was just...Ryouji. He didn't involved himself with any of the class distinction, no matter how much the preps and jocks tried to shove him into one. He wasn't going to pose as someone he wasn't. If anyone wanted to befriend him or date him, they would have to accept him as him.

He wasn't entirely desperate for affection. He had had relationships but the girls were only after his money. His parents were both doctors at one of the most accredited hospitals in the country and grossed more than the most of the student's parents put together. Ryouji had been called handsome, in fact, he didn't deny it when he stared into the mirror in the mornings. He was part Asian, part Scandinavian. His azure eyes combined with the murkish locks of hair, mixing with the marble like flesh. However, his appearance would not get him anywhere. That had also been instilled in his mind at tender age.

The bells rang, singaling the time for his lunch. He never ate, usually spending his time by the lake. Ryouji shoved his books into his perfectly organized locker, flinging his fringing bangs from his eyes. He took his novel Lolita from his bag and a bottle of water. The teachers never stopped him from going to the lake, it was out of the boundaries of the school. Ryouji figured it was because of his parents.

The wind met him eagerly, whipping at his long locks of hair. He smiled genuinely, ignoring those around him. He slipped past the row of hedges that marked the boundary, the grin growing in proportion at the sight of the gently rocking lake. Ryouji sank onto the grass, tucking his arms behind his head and staring at the rolling clouds above. How come life couldn't be like this? Why did it have to treat him so wretchedly?

Ryouji snapped from his position at the sound of a twig breaking. He scowled at the intrusion, a steady blanket of fear wrapping itself around him. Noone was supposed to know about this place, it was his sanctuary after all. He raised his slitted orbs, shocked to see that it was one of the last people he'd expected. The letter jacket in the school's gruesome colors of blue, white, and gold was enough for Ryouji to go by. The other boy merely arched a blond brow, meeting Ryouji's glare with a casual toss of his shoulder.

His body was muscularly toned and lean, perfected for his triad of sports; basketball, lacrosse, and football. The flesh was bronzed, stretching almost sinfully across the cut muscles. A mop of haphazardly waves of golden blonde hair was unruly and unkept. Deep brown, almost obsidian, eyes peered at Ryouji with clam superiority.

James had noticed that someone, everyday at the exact time, disappeared through the hedges. James's curiosity wormed its way to the surface and prompted him to follow. He wasn't surprised that it was the little know it all. He crossed his arms in front of his chest, waiting for the thin boy to speak first. James wasn't about to start an agruement by saying something wrong.

Ryouji continued glowwering. He grabbed his water and his book, intent on leaving. How dare that fool intrude on his privacy! Couldn't the lunkhead take a hint? They were all the same. They thought they owned the entire planet. Ryouji growled underneath his breath. Why was the idiot staring at him like that?! Ryouji refused to rise to the bait. The brat was probably wanting a fight. Ryouji stormed passed him, squeezing through the plants.

James blinked. That was unexpected. "Hey!" James shouted, peering from behind one of the hedges. Ryouji paused, waiting. "You dont have to leave. I will." He smirked. "I have friends to be with you but, you wouldn't know about that, would you?" James taunted.

Ryouji's eyes flashed with anger but he didn't return a retort. Instead, he went to his lake. It used to be, their insults would make him cry but not anymore. He was past that. He'd erected an almost uncollapseable barrier so why was his heart hurting like this? Ryouji couldn't answer his own question as he resumed his cloud watching, trying to forget about the interruption.

James continued his walk to his group of friends. The boy hadn't done anything. It shouldnt have been troubling him that much. Why was there such a dead gleam in Ryouji's eyes, as if he were merely a shell and his soul had escaped the confines of its prison? James didnt appreciated the turn of his thoughts. He wasn't supposed to care. Ryouji was an insignificant bug, he didn't mean a damn thing.

Ryouji shuffled through his pockets, trying to find his keys. Where could he have placed them? With a despairing groan, he kicked at his locker and slammed it shut loudly. It was too late to even catch the bus. "Damnit!" he banged his fist against the blue steel. Why did all the luck have to be saved for those other than Ryouji?

"Missing something?" came that insufferable drawl that sent shivers through Ryouji's spine. James stood, leaning against the locker next to Ryouji's, fingers twirling a set of keys. James' sneer only grew in stature at the completely indignant and loathing visage of Ryouji.

"Give those back," Ryouji commanded quietly, in a warning tone.

"Hmm, I think not. Unless, you do something for me."

"I dont have to do anything for you. Those are my keys!"

"Tsk, your decision. I suppose you'll just be walking home," James turned to leave.

"Fine!" Ryouji snarled. James grinned ferally, leering at the slightly shorter boy. "What is it you want me to do? Your homework, I presume?"

"Actually, no. I have a project due in English and I'm too busy to work on it. I want you to do it."

Ryouji rolled his eyes. How typical jock-attitude. They were always too busy to do anything but live in their little worlds of girls, money, cars, and sports. Ryouji grabbed the keys from James' open hand, eyes narrowed. "I refuse to do all of the work and I know that your not busy every single day of the week. Even precious preps have time to themselves."

"Do I hear a hint of envy?" James smirked. Ryouji snorted, denying the accusation with a shake of his head. "...I have an hour free tomorrow."

"Alright. Meet me at the library in the city near Mel's at 4:00. I'll help you work on it but I'm not going to do ~all~ of it. They'd know that it was my work. You couldn't even begin to write at my level."

"That was an insult."

"That it was. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to be going home." He spun on his heel and marched for the doors that lead to student parking. James stared at the retreating figure. What the hell was it about that infuriating boy that made him ~want~ to jest just to get him irate? James pursed his lips. Why?

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