"Breaking of the Branches"

Written: 4/26/2003

Now that branches are breaking,

I know the tree known as family is dying.

As we all grow apart, so does our little group.

Perhaps the tree is breaking so that we all may form new trees.

I'd like to think so.

As the force known as fate pushes us out the nest,

We learn to take flight or suffer an untimely demise.

Leaving is the lesser of two evils.

Sure, it can be avoided, but sometimes isn't.

Newer, stronger trees will take this one's place soon.

However, the stump of this tree, our humble beginnings,

It shall remain rooted deeply underfoot.

The legacy of our bond shall not be quickly forgotten.

There will always be someone who remembers.

At some point in the future, we'll all join again.

If we never saw each other again, the world would end.

Just promise now to one another to never forget.

Never forget the great times we had, as well as tribulations.

These are what bond us stronger than friends.

These are what form the branches of our family tree.