I love the way he looks when he laughs The way he always knows what you are talking about I love the way I feel when he looks at me I love the way he loves me without holding back I love the way he looks: his hair, his eyes, his body I love the way he touches me in all the right places

He gives me pleasure with just the right amount of pain He kisses my body: my chest, my stomach, my back, ha He makes me gasp out loud and ask for more He gently and at the same time roughly moves inside of me He suffocates me under his long, strong body I think I have found my new religion, and I love to practice it

I love the way our bodies entangle themselves together I love the way he smells when he gets out of the shower I love the way the sheets feel against my bare skin I love the music he plays after it is all done with, at least until the next time Then I look at my left hand and remember that I have someone else waiting at home