Street Performer
Original Poem
By: Rebecca Nowack

Written: 4/11/03


As I approach,
You do not notice me.
You stare ahead
Shuffling your feet
In hopeful prayer
For a kind stranger
To toss a shiny coin
onto the street.

As I walk by,
Do you see me?
Or am I lost in a blur of tourists.
Your ancient ritual sounds in my ears
Clickity-Clank, Clickity- Clank
Skinny arms wild,
Waving in the air
To tell wordless stories.

As I walk away,
Do you hate me?
I did not drop precious money
Or stay for the story
Or have you forgotten me,
Your lithe body dancing
To another stranger now.


Rebecca Nowack
AIM: chaya311
"Logic is for those who cannot create their own realities."

Wendy: I had no idea all this was going on.
Dave: I did!
Wendy: (with heavy sarcasm) I'm sure you did. Resident genius and psychologist that you are.
(My favorite lines from I play I did.)