Nobody's Girl

A/N: This is not truly mine, this actualy is a song from Bonnie Raitt and i merely changed a bit, i do not own it, but everything i changed, i do own, please don't steal it.

She don't need anybody, to tell she's pretty.

She's heard it every single day of her life.

I get to wonder what she sees in me.

When there's so many others, standing in line.

Yeah, she gives herself to me. But I'm still on the outside.

She's alone in this world.

She's a nobody's girl.

She shows up at my doorstep in the middle of the night.

Then disappears for weeks at a time.

Just enough to keep me hanging on.

But never have my statisfy.

And I live to pick up the pieces.

Wondering what I do, this for.

She's all in her own little world.

She's a nobody's girl.

I said, before I met her.

I did love, let her.

I've been taking her late to bed.

And that is okay.

She brings out the one in me.

The things I did'nt know that I mean.

She does anything she wants.

At any time she pleases.

We'll anything, you know.

She wanted all.

Still, she gets upset.

Over the little'st things.

When I heard her.

And make me feel so..So…

We'll, she's a walking contradation.

And I aint for her, at her side.

She's brighter then a string of pearls.

She's a nobody's girl.

A/N: As you can see, I changed it to first person, it took me a while, so please don't steal it.