By:Andrew Troy Keller

My name is Frank Logan,and I wish that I could never tell you this story about the ultimate betrayal-The death of a man's family,via a mistake on a government's part.
On Saturday,December 2nd,2991,my family and I had rocketed,to a remote deserted planet,to have a picnic.
So far,we've had a great time-Especially little Megan,who was playing with her Barbie doll.
But,while I was out getting some more firewood,my family was unknowingly about to be attacked by a United Earth Special Forces trooper squad.
Poor little Megan had walked towards some moving bushes,and found a pair of troopers getting ready to open fire.
She was about to say 'hello' to them,but hadn't gotten the chance,for the troopers had started blasting away.
As soon as I've heard the sounds of blaster-fire,and realized that something was wrong,I've ran back to my family,only to have discovered them dead upon the feet of those stupid troopers.
"WHY?!",I've roared,while placing my poor dead Megan's body up to my chest."WHY HAVE YOU DONE SUCH A THING?!"
"Sorry,sir.",answered one of the troopers."But,we were under orders."
Like I've said,the ultimate betrayal-Those damn troopers had murdered my family,and instead of admitting they were wrong,those numbnuts had covered the whole thing up,which INDEED TICKS ME OFF-NO END!