- In defense of Princess Mulan, some haiku for you -

Both are beautiful,

Form in art, variation,




Bound by nothing more

Than being narrow-minded.

Not applicable,

Rules established by teachers,

Unless wanted to.

Verbal attacks on poets

Express profound ignorance.

Author's note: A haiku, a reverse cut, and a tanka. Hn...

You know, it's the most curious thing. I have several books filled with authentic Japanese haiku, and, you know what the darndest thing is? Not all of them are about nature! *glances through collection* Basho, Issa, Buson... But hey, just something I noticed, is all. Wha, don't believe me? Here:

On Buddha's deathday,

wrinkled tough old hands pray-

the prayer beads' sound

- Basho

Behind Ise Shrine,

unseen, hidden by the fence,

Buddha enters nirvana

- Basho

This ruined temple

should have its sad tale told only

by the clam digger

- Basho

New Year's first poem

written, now self-satisfied,

O haiku poet!

- Buson

People working fields,

from my deepest heart, I bow.

Now a little nap.

- Issa

Just to say the word

home, that one word alone,

so pleasantly cool

- Issa

How comfortable

my summer cotton robe

when drenched with sweat

- Issa

On Buddha's birthday

the orphaned boy will become

the temple's child

- Kikaku

For rice-planting women

there's nothing left unsoiled

but their song

- Raizan

Chanting Buddha's name

is the deepest pleasure

of one's old age

- Anonymous

Whoa, the greatest Japanese haiku writers of all time, not writing about nature? My word, isn't that strange? *rolls eyes* Please people, it's better if you just keep your caustic remarks to yourself; your stupidity might shine through if you don't. But hey, you go on believing what you will...

~ Kess

P.S. ~ This is for you, Lan-chan! Don't let those idiots get you down, k? ^_~