Unless ya've been asleep for the last...erm...few weeks or whatever you'll know about SARs...and I know I'm normally busy ragging off lovey-dovey a$$holes...but I'm gonna leave a mark for this disaster...

I can't breathe, afraid

Of what will happen today...

Will I lose my life?

In the ward again

I see another person,

Stop fighting their death...

Now that I have made the SARs situation worse by those pieces of ****! Time to destroy WW1 and 2...o_o

I was gonna be home

By tomorrow night. I wish


German Dictator

Killed in Concentration Camps,

Japan bombs Pearl Harbour.

Well as this is respect I guess I gotta do the Twin Towers...

September 11th

Terrorists hijack a plane

The death of thousands.

And respect for the most important people in my and friends!

Falling, graze my knees

You pick me up, make me smile

Really love you mum.

Laughing with you, like

We always do, these days

I love all my mates!