Why did you rip my heart out,

and simply leave it to hang?

Why did you put it back in,

and say I'm the one to blame?

Why did I come back to you,

thinking there was something left to see?

Why are you allowed to unlock my heart,

and how did you get the key?

Why am I still here,

stuck on your stupid leash?

Why are you killing me,

sucking my life like a leech?

Why do you have wonderful looks,

and ever-lasting charm?

Why am I your victim,

the one you love to harm?

Why did you chain me down,

instead of letting me go away?

Why did you whisper sweet words in my ear,

and make me feel the need to stay?

Why do I allow you to push me around,

and constantly pull me down?

Why must I be your amusement,

your funny little clown?

Why are you such an asshole,

who thinks he's the best?

Why did I fall for you,

just like all the rest?

Why do I come to your every whim,

as if I'm on cue?

Why do I care about your well-being?

Why do I love you?