Nothing Else Matters

I'm trapped inside a cage box,

forced to do what they say.

My wings are tied down,

and all I can do is pray.

Light bursts and fills the room,

and suddenly you're there.

You walk up to me, smiling kindly,

and run your fingers through my hair.

Then your hand slides across mine,

Through the cage bars, I look into your eyes.

You smile, give a small nod,

and I realize that everything I was told were lies.

I still have some doubt,

but I've been given new hope.

I struggle and pull,

trying to break the rope.

You start to float away,

beckoning me to follow.

But the ropes pull me down,

and darkness covers me in a swallow.

I break down crying,

with my hair spilling out on the sand.

I lay there for hours,

until death and despair approach me, hand in hand.

Despair comes over first,

whispering sympathetic words in my ear.

It pats me on the back comfortingly,

and all my thoughts, feelings, and cares disappear.

Death comes next,

and covers me like a warm blanket.

I fall asleep, it seems,

and when I wake, my expression is vacant.

I lift my arms up,

and float into the sky.

you're waiting for me there,

I fall into your arms and give a contented sigh.

Nothing else matters now.

I'm safe here with you.

I cry tears of joy,

and my tears become the morning dew.

I watch as people wake up,

and then watch the glorious sun rise into view.

But I turn away from it all. None of it matters.

Become I'm finally happy. I'm with you.