I couldn't sleep this past few days, work made it impossible for me, well, atleast that is what I've been telling myself, sleeping in this old couch is not helping as well. Nothing right seems to work is a mess and damn. I missed him. Its been what. a year and half since his disappearance, and until now, I couldn't manage to go on. Melissa never asked anything, or tries to talk about it. She never once mention his name after the incident, nor I ever mention his.

I could hear her slight snoring in our bedroom, I found her already asleep when I got home. You see, Melissa, my wife and I are having problems. I guess I couldn't exactly blame her, for hating me, I should be even thankful for not being kicked out of the house. Sometimes, I just couldn't believe her, for having agreed to be my wife but may be it was because she's always from the start, quite different from other women, more understanding. Perhaps that is why she has also agreed to marry me in the first place. We have planned to get married after dating for about a year. The wedding wasn't too grand, she never wanted anything that is too costly so we settled for a simple church wedding in her hometown, and had our honeymoon in her uncle's country house. All expenses was free, her uncle was a rich generous man and had let us on it for the remaining month of vacation the school allowed me to have. I don't know if I love her, or if I have ever said that I love her. She never did ask me why I couldn't say it. It is because she knew, that even until now I still love Ritsu.