"Kill her! She is a Dark Elf!" A tall fair Elven man screamed as he pointed towards a very young burnt gold haired girl.

"N-no, Mommy? Mommy! Tell them! I'm not a Dark Elf!" An Elven woman standing behind the man let out a sob.

"Mommy?…." The Elves around drew back on their bows, pointing them at the girl.

"We do not tolerate such evil forces such as you, serpent!"

"My name isn't serpent! It is Earane Vardamir!" The girl clenched her fist and screamed as dark purple electricity began to flow across her. The men stumbled back but stopped when the leader screamed.

"Shoot her! Shoot her before she kills us all!" The men drew back the arrows once more and released.

"NO!" The woman screamed and jumped on Earane knocking her on her back as she used her self to shield her from the arrows. They all hit where Earane's heart would have been, all in Earane's mother's back. Earane looked up to see her mother bleeding badly. She reached down and gently touched Earane's cheek as some of her platinum blonde hair fell out of its loose tie and fell across her face. Earane's eyes welded up with tears as her mother struggled for breath.

"E…Earane….the prophecy…it says…." She tried to force out the rest but slumped over onto Earane's lap. "Run Earane…. find Maedhros Seregon…the half breed…." Earane gripped her mother's shirt and sobbed.

"Mommy! Your Immortal! You can't die!" Earane looked up as the man chuckled.

"Foolish woman, the Arrow struck her heart. She would have survived if she had bore such a sickening creature. A mother will love their child to death, no matter how evil it is." Earane's eyes flickered as she felt the anger build up inside her again. She stood up letting her mother's body gently to the ground and closed her eyes. She raised her arms as her voice echoed through the forest. The other Elves grew silent as they shook with fear.

"Haldamir Ancalime…. Finrod a'Ksher…" The forest grew dark and wind blew around them in every direction as the archers scrambled to pull out more arrows. Five dark violet lights began to float up from the ground and encircle Earane. Her eyes opened as the wind completely stopped. "…Yaaraer…. Amin naa tualle…" A loud crack of thunder was heard, followed by the loud dying screams of the Elves in the village of Earane's birth.

Earane shot up with a yelp of surprise. She blinked and glanced around her surroundings quickly. She was still near the river where she had set up camp. She leaned down touching her now most brow as her.

"Another nightmare…. after so many years?…" Earane leaped to her feet and nudged a lump lying by a still smoldering fire.

"Ireth…. Ireth…. IREEEE!" She gave the lump a hard boot but it only wiggled slightly and rolled over. Earane snorted slightly and raised her hand.

"Lanta en' kalale!" A spark of electricity zapped the lump and it shot straight up into the air.

"Aiya! Tanya Awra!" (Oh! That hurt!) Ireth landed on her feet, rubbing her buttocks. She pulled the blanket off her head to reveal almost white gold hair and very obvious Elven ears. Her crystal green eyes glared at Earane. Earane just sniffed at the air and turned her head up slightly, as with amusement.

"Amin uuma malia."(I don't care.) Ireth's porcelain like face wrinkled into an almost ugly one.

"Saurar!"(Foul one!)

"Antolle ulua sulrim." (Much wind pours from your mouth.)

"Auta miqula orgu!" (Go kiss an orc!) Earane was about to yell something foul when Ireth raised her hand.

"We are to close to the human's domain. If a ranger just so happened to walk by hearing Elven he might alert the nearest town. We are in desperate need of supplies."

"We already stand out."

"I know we are just to beautiful to hide. We could roll in mud and troll droppings and our Elven beauty would still shine through like the sun through the clouds on an overcast day."

"I meant we stand out because of our clothes and ears you Feuyaer." (Disgusting one) Ireth huffed and crossed her arms.

"I don't even know why I put up with you sometimes Earane." Earane rolled her eyes and began rolling up her bedding.

"Maybe because I saved you from losing your head. It's been years and you still haven't repaid your debt."

"Hey! I may have almost lost my head but I don't have a bounty on my head longer then thy arm!" Earane narrowed her dark violet eyes at Ireth.

"I thought High Elves were beautiful and silent. I bet everyone in the next three villages know we are elves and that I have a bounty on my head by now. Dina and put the fire out." (Dina=be quiet) Ireth sighed and put her hand towards the smoldering wood. The wood began to heal and grow leaves as little green Fairies floated around it. The place where the fire had once been was now covered with a small, misshaped tree. Earane stared at the tree for a minute and quirked an eyebrow.

"Can't you do any better? It's a sickly looking bush."

"It's a tree! It is good enough; I am not going to waste all my power on making the tree straight. It's happy and healthy. Looks shouldn't count." She huffed. Earane threw Ireth her pack and the slung them over their shoulders. The pulled their cloaks on and pulled them up over their head so their ears were not uncovered. They began the walked stealthily through the forest until the heard a snap of a branch. Earane stepped back and threw her arm to the side.

"Amin quella."(Invisibility) A shadow fell over Ireth and her both as men pushed their way through the bramble and onto the path.

"I swear I heard Elven! They sounded like they were arguing." Ireth shot Earane a sour look, she could see through Earane's spell with a high elf eye charm hanging around her neck. Earane shrugged at Ireth and mouthed the word 'Sorry' as she quietly stepped backwards, away from the men.

"Look! They tried to cover their camp fire pit with a shrub." Ireth growled.

"It's a tree!" The men clustered together when they heard Ireth's shriek of annoyance. Earane growled as the invisibility charm faded off of them.

"You aren't supposed to speak when that charm is up Ire!" Earane muttered under her breath so the men wouldn't hear her.

"I forgot." Ireth muttered back. She yipped and stepped back of one of the men pointed a sword at them.

"What business do you have here Elves? We don't want any trouble." Ireth removed her hood and they all gasped and bowed their heads.

"M'lady! We did not know you were a High Elf, other wise we would have-"

"No need to apologize kind sirs, it was an honest mistake." Earane smiled to her self. Ireth sure knew when to pull out the charm. A tall dark haired man in the back cleared his throat and the others quickly turned towards him. He was dressed differently from the rest. He wore a dark blue tunic and a black headband. Earane blinked at him in disbelief. He had an appearance charm on him, a very good one at that. What was he hiding?

"Why isn't your friend revealing herself?" Ireth flinched slightly and smiled nervously.

"Well you see…she's… well…" Earane raised her gaze slowly to Ireth and winked. Ireth smirked and raised her voice so as to sound noble.

"She is my prisoner! Nasty Elf disrespected my clan! She is to be executed in…um…Rivendell!" The men gasped, all except the one man in the back. He merely had an amused look in his eye as he watched the two put on their show.

"She must have scorned a high clan to be executed in such a beautiful Elven city!"

"Indeed! She did! It was the…Retyueranergrubseins Clan! For she is Vardamir the Vicious!"

"I thought Vardamir was a Dark Elven man."

"She…well he is, but he is also experienced in appearance charms. He can make him self look like any fair Elven maiden!"

Earane snapped her fingers, and her hair became jet black as she threw her hood back. They all stared into her deep violet eyes and began to yell.

"It's a Dark Elf!" Earane smiled and raised her hands into the air.

"Asca…. Melloneamin!"(Haste) Earane kicked up her heals and ran down the path away from the group with the speed of a wolf.

"Maedhros! Catch her-err-him!" Earane faltered but kept full sprint when she heard the name Maedhros. She stumbled as her vision altered to the image of her mother's last dying words. She fell into the bushes and slid down a steep hill into a creek.

Earane shot up quickly, cursing herself. Maedhros was just a name, not an incantation of some sort. It shouldn't make her loose all her strength at once. Her ear twitched as very quiet footsteps made their way towards her.

"Amin quella."(Invisibility) She pushed her self against the wall of the creek as the man quietly made his way into the creek.

"Maed?! You see him!?" Earane could hear the man let out an annoyed growl as he let his arms fall to his sides.

"Can't you guys be a LITTLE more quiet?! Vardamir is long gone by now with you guys screaming like a couple of dying cats."

Earane watches as Maedhros made his way out of the creek and back up the steep hill. She leaned forward a bit to listen to the men speaking with Ireth.

"We are so sorry M'lady High Elf. We didn't mean to disturb you while transporting a prisoner. Vardamir's escape is completely our fault. How can we make it right in your eyes?"

"Well, just some supplies and a place to rest tonight will be fine. So I can set out in the morning and recapture him of course."

"Anything you should want or need M'lady." Earane smirked. 'Good thinking Ireth.'

Author's note**********

Yes I know, I shouldn't start getting into another story. I can't help it though. I needed a break from 'A Girl's Fate.' It's running me into the ground. I have noticed when I am working on another story, I keep getting great idea's for the other ones. The stories I have posted on are only the tip of the iceberg. I really need to settle down and finally finish one, I only have one finished and that's Aetas. *sighs* I hope you liked this chapter. It's the only one I have so far. ^^