Two Different Paths

Two different paths

Lies before our eyes

Mine turns right

Yours turn left

Sometimes the road is smooth

Sometimes they flow

But sometimes they also get bumpy

And also harsh

All this time down the path

A picture of you click in my mind

I meet new people

As all do too

But I don't seem to love them

More than a brother

Or a sister

I try and try

But no one can replace you

Your personality

So soft, gentle, and sweet

Whenever you click in

I don't feel complete

So, my road goes on again


Never stopping

But I never give up

Fate doesn't let me give up

My heart tells me my destiny lies ahead

And so at the end

I find you again

Two different paths

Lied before us

As I meet you again

Two roads join together now

You are on my left

And I am on your right

My heart is complete