Her Eyes, an Exotic Green

She's like all the other dolls
With high cantaloupes for breasts
That contrast her narrow waist
And locks of strawberry blond.
Long legs, so firm yet so soft,
Will bend slightly at the knee.
But unlike all the others,
Her eyes: an exotic green.

Walk down the toy store aisle.
Some eyes are periwinkle,
While others, blue violet.
Most of them are baby blue.
After passing twenty blues,
They fade to the same dull shade.
Some day, you will hunger for
Her eyes, an exotic green.

Throughout history, locked up
Inside the playroom of the
Typical prejudiced youth,
Two Barbies, one in each hand.
Gently carried in the right
Are the eyes of baby blue.
And squeezed in the left hand are
Her eyes (an exotic green)

Baby blue sits daintily
Upon her throne, displaying
Her elegant wedding dress,
Ready for her third marriage
For a riper banana.
The old dick, too small. While the
Other doll never wed, for
Her eyes: an exotic green.

It's not that she's alone; she's
Got a girlfriend of six years.
Been loyal to each other
Throughout the entire time.
But don't be fooled by their strong
Relationship based on love.
It can't be moral, because
Her eyes- an exotic green.

She's harassed every day
Just for being different.
She's shunned by her God-damned church
Just 'cause her eyes aren't blue.
She's the same as all the other dolls.
But her eyes! It can't be true!
So much hate... It's all 'cause of
Her eyes, an exotic green.