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Obsessed with Murder

Jenny Morris brushed her hair back from where it had fallen in front of her eyes while she was bent over the paperwork, and slumped back in her chair.

She sighed heavily, closing her eyes to slits, tired after a days work. A loud bang interrupted the silence, and she jumped up out of her chair, looking anxiously around to find the source of the noise.

Rob Childes was standing behind her, a grin on his face, and a burst paper bag in his hands. "Rob!" Jenny said indignantly, pretending to hit him wit the side of her hand, before slumping back down into her chair.

"Now Now" Rob said in a puppy dog face, looking at her as if she was about five.

"Not now Rob, I'm too tired ok? You can trick me all you want on Monday". She said in a tired voice, closing her eyes again. Rob turned and walked away, she could tell he wasn't hurt-he never was, but probably thinking of some other trick to play on her or someone else in this cardboard box of an office.

Jenny really didn't have time for him, normally she humoured him, but it was a Friday, and she didn't like Fridays. They were the day when people were told they were fired, as she had been told on several occasions, so they always made her feel uneasy. She glanced at the clock, and it ticked slowly around, each second seeming to reach her ears too slowly. The clock hand drew up to 6 o'clock, amidst the whirr of photocopiers and personal computers. If she hadn't known herself, she wouldn't have guessed that this was a police department, it just seemed like an ordinary office, unless you actually looked at the information being photocopied or faxed, which contained mug shots, serial numbers, and all kinds of paper work that she didn't want to go through.

Dad was a real cop, he actually did work, on the streets, rather than spending 7 hours a day filling in forms, and prisoner parole sheets. It was all part of being a cop, she guessed to herself, and she started to absentmindedly hum the tune to the Flintstones.

Connors appeared at the door to his office, his red face puffy, his tie loosened and his sleeves rolled up. He was the only person, apart from Jenny that actually bothered wearing a side arm, for the others, the excitement of being able to wear one had worn off long ago. Connors had once been a New York department police officer, but it was hard to imagine that now, he must have weighed 200 pounds, and his face was almost always a beetroot colour. There were bets going around the office on how long it would be before his heart would burst-it seemed certain to happen soon.

"Jenny!" Connors shouted, leaning out of his office, the frosted glass window in the door almost seeming to vibrate. "Jenny! Get here now!"

Jenny rolled her eyes, and giving a glance at Sandra, one of her few friends in the office without some sort of facial hair, who returned a sympathetic look, with a 'I'm sorry' look plastered across her eyes, Jenny stood up and made her way past the cubby holes of desks inside the office, neatly side stepping a coil of electrical wire, and then nearly tripping over a fake arm lying on the floor next to Rob's desk. Her elegant pose and ability to dodge things lost, she seemed to bump into everything before finally reaching the door to the office, Connors looking impatient, he never could stand still for long.

"Inside then. C'mon Jenny, I'm not going to wait" Connors told her gruffly.

Much as he seemed harsh on the exterior, in the 2 years she'd worked in Wolveney, she knew him as surprisingly kind at times, and always fair.

The door swung shut behind them, and Connor walked round to his side of the desk, landing heavily in the well worn chair, and looked pointedly at her to take a seat. She sat down feeling nervous, she was hoping that it didn't show on her face. She had always been a worrier, her mother had remarked on it when she was twelve 'she seems to have the worries of a 33 year old' to her friends.

She snapped back to reality, and forced herself to listen to Connors is this slow day. "..Well Jenny, we've had a call from San Fran police, and they seem to have heard of you. In fact, they want to hire you." Connors said all this gravely, but Jenny just sat there, as what he had said sunk in.

She jumped up with a squeal, and hugged Connors, who looked very surprised by all this, pushed her away gruffly, muttering to her about how 'We'll all miss you if you go, but spend some time to think about OK?' She rushed out of the office, and into the work room. Biting her lip, Jenny pushed past people and sat down again in her chair. I won't tell anyone today, I'll tell them on Monday, then we won't have to work because we'll be partying! She said to herself, and struggling to keep a straight face, she pinched herself, hard, which made her cry out, attracted suspicious looks from others. "Jenny" someone hissed, making Jenny twist sideways in her seat. "Jenny, what happened?" Sandra was asking, leaning over to her desk. "Uhhh, nothing Sandra, he just wanted to congratulate me on my work" Jenny answered lamely. Well, she thought to herself It was hardly a lie was it? Sandra pushed herself back to her desk, a non believing look on her face. Sandra knew when o shut up at points, which was helpful.

She reached into her handbag, and took out the book she was reading, Charles Manson: Pleasure in Pain?' emblazoned on the cover, along with a picture of his face.

Jenny was fascinated by murder, she saw all the films on it she could, and read all the biographies on famous mass murderers. Charles Manson was an engineering student, who killed his wife and kids, then calmly took his gun, and climbed to the top of the clock tower on campus, positioning himself under the 11 on the clock, he opened fire on the campus below.

She was interrupted from this enthralling idea, by a beep from her computer, and an icon popped up in the corner flashing "You have new mail, You have new mail" Jenny clicked the icon, which opened the mail. The sender was someone from Isle net, a police network, but the email address was a simple . Scrolling down, it started off "You little cow, I'm watching you. You think this is a joke, then kiss goodbye to your life. You're not going to get out of this town alive. I'm going to shoot you like a dog, you stupid bitch! Jenny swore under her breath under pressed the 'delete' button, and the message disappeared. It was probably some stupid little perv, thinking it's funny. She thought to herself.

She couldn't be bothered to get anyone to look into it, it probably wouldn't happen again. She glanced at the clock, which read 6:02 and gasped. She hadn't realised that she had been here so long. The office was virtually empty now, only a few late night people here, in case someone reports a drunk, or loitering, or something that no one really cared about. They didn't want to wasted money or time in here overnight, but in Wolveney, news travelled fast, and Connor didn't want some old granny arming herself with a shot gun and blasting the postman.

Now that would be cool Jenny thought to herself, smiling. She pulled on her fleece lightly, and pulling her arms through, pushed her way through the doors at the front, and walked round to the staff lot. Her car was in the far corner, she couldn't get a parking space here, and she had been forced to park at the very back corner. The shadows lay across the car park, it was October, and it was getting dark really early. Too early for Jenny. There was a skittering sound, and Jenny jumped, snapping a high heel in one swift motion. She cursed, and hobbled to the door of her car, banging the hood faithfully. A shadow passed over her head, and she turned around. "What? Who are you supposed to be? Chukko the clown"? she asked a figure wearing a clown mask and orange wig standing there. It shook it's head slowly, as if having to decide slowly about who he was.

Jenny heart quickened, as she realised that she didn't have a clue who this person was, or whether it was a man or a woman.

"Rob? Is that you? I knew you were a clown, but don't you think that's taking it a bit far?" Jenny asked it jokingly, A smile playing across her face. The figure shook his head again, and lifted what appeared to be a metal rod, pointing it at her stomach. "Oh shit". Jenny said to herself. It was a stun gun, although not deadly, wouldn't give her movement apart from in her fingers for about 8 hours.

She opened her car door with a wrench, slamming it into the attacker's stomach, and making him give a grunt, staggering backwards for a few paces, winded. She reached into her handbag, scrabbling in her bag for mace. Lipstick, comb, book, keys, why no mace? She asked herself desperately. The figure came again, this time pressing the trigger, which hit the car door harmlessly. The figure pushed against her, whispering into her ear.

"Are you afraid to die Jenny?" he asked her, in a honey sweet tone, making her want to vomit. She slid her hand down to her gun, groping at it. She clicked of the safety catch, but he was so close she knew he could hear it. He backed away slightly, and she raised the gun, aiming at his heart. "Are you afraid to die clowny?" she asked the figure, before emptying a clip into the stomach of the clown. Clowny? She thought to herself. I'm getting worse.

The figure clasped his stomach, and fell backwards, and she turned and ran back to the car. Without realising it, they had gone 50 yards away from the car. The figure got up slowly, grunting.

"What-the-fuck?" Jenny asked, half to herself, half to the clown. "When I shoot you, aren't you supposed to die"? She asked him, her eyes fixed. He didn't seem to be paying much attention, more intent on the fact that Jenny seemed to want to distract him with annoying sarcastic comments.

He took two more step towards her, and she raised the gun a second time, this time aiming at his head. "Don't move again, or I shoot you in the head". Jenny told the clown, rather obviously. She was trying to sound brave, but it wasn't doing a lot of good, her voice was coming out in a whisper. The clown kept moving, and Jenny held down the trigger, but all that could be heard was a clicking sound-she was out of shots. The figure pushed against her, the stun gun lying discarded on the floor. Jenny groped in her handbag, trying to find anything. Her fingers gripped her house keys, and she pulled them out, slamming them into his head, imbedding in his head. She raised her foot, and kicked him hard, and he clasped is head, trying to get the keys out. She winced as he tried to pull them out, all intentions about Jenny forgotten. There were edges in the key that was holding it in. Jenny didn't need to watch anymore, she turned around and fled back to the car, jumping in and turning the ignition in one move, pushing the gas as hard as she could, not bothering to take off the hand brake. She glanced in her rear view mirror, seeing the clown standing up again, this time waving the keys at her. Oh shit. Jenny thought to herself. Why did I give him my house keys? Now he could get in, but at least he needs about 15 stitches, which should be easy to spot. Jenny pulled out onto the main street, and drove directly through the traffic lights to her house.

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