Jenny was still lying there when the door opened with a click, and she could feel a draft coming into the kitchen. She groaned, rolling over slowly, squinting upwards towards the lights. The room gave a lurch, and she flopped back down again.

"Stupid room!". Jenny said to herself. "If it wasn't moving I'd be fine". Jenny smiled, realising what she had just said was reasonably ridiculous, but she didn't want to blame it on herself, and the fact that she was too stupid to notice ice on the floor. Jenny groaned again, and reached out to the Polaroid, lying face down a few inches away from her right hand. Her fingers wrapped around it, and she crushed it between them, grimancing as she did so. She heard a footstep outside, as someone put their weight on the squeaky floorboard, and it gave out an ominous 'squeak', and stopped as suddenly as it appeared. Jenny pushed herself up to a sitting position, her head throbbing from where it had connected with the marble top of the island, and she held her head with two hands. She got up unsteadily to her feet, one hand still on her head, and reached out with her other hand to grip the table reassuredly. A wave of nausea passed over her, and she lent over the sink, her hair falling down into her eyes, and she vomited, the vomit becoming matted into her hair. Jenny swore in between vomiting, giving a gasp, and sticking her head back down. After about ten minutes she stopped, although mainly due to the fact that she didn't have anything left to vomit.

There as a thud from somewhere upstairs, and Jenny jumped suddenly. "It's all about some big breasted bitch running up the stairs when she should be running straight out the door". Jenny mimicked, putting on an overly high voice.

Jenny stepped unsteadily out into the hall, wrapping her fingers round the wooden banister. She put her weight on the first step, as though poised to jump off at the slightest noise. There was a loud miaow, and Bobby stepped out into the hallway just behind her. The porch light glinted in his eyes slightly, giving them a luminous look, and Bobby cocked his head to one side, his ears pricked, and with a bound, landed five steps up the stairs.

"Well Cat, looks like you're braver than me". Jenny said with a smile, as Bobby turned around to look at her, still alert. "I guess I'd better follow you, after all; you are supposed to be able to sense danger". Jenny reasoned with the cat, almost completely seriously.

She had never told her mother this, even though she had been doing it since she was 5. The idea that Mrs Morris's daughter would talk to her animals would be unthinkable! She was supposed to be a young lady!.

Jenny lifted her last foot off the floor, and started to climb the stairs slowly, her hand gripping the banister so hard her knuckles went white. She was facing the curtains at the top of the stairs, and her eyes fixed on them, at the abstract patterns and they were etched in her mind, she could remember her and her brother playing hide and seek behind them, and then she could remember crying after she spilt ice cream on them, forming a large dirty-cream coloured stain on the middle of one.

She reached the top of the stairs, her face barely lit by the light from the downstairs hallway. There was a pile of carpet lying against the bookcase, and in the dark Jenny tripped on it, landing with a thud on all fours, the pain flashed up her ankle, and she pulled herself up slowly. Jenny reached out an flicked on the light switch. It flickered, and then with a ping turned itself on, casting a dark yellow glow over the hallway. I really should move out Jenny thought to herself. I don't know how I can put up with my mother. Jenny peered into her brother's discarded room, at the posters on the walls of varying Godsmack and Metallica pictures, their corners peeling off the walls. On the left was a sun-faded picture of him and Jenny, taken about 7 years ago in Tenerife, him sitting in a beach chair, her standing nearby, wearing massive light blue sunglasses, and wearing a t-shirt with a koala on it.

No one in here Jenny though to herself, although Tom's fish tank made a whirring sound, as she saw a large cat fish swim slowly around in circles across the tank.

Jenny clicked off the light, turned, and peered into her parent's bedroom, which was manically neat, the bed perfectly made, and a mirror hung over the fireplace. She gasped as she caught a glimpse of herself. There was blood running down from the top of her head, and her light brown hair was matted and stiff, primarily from vomit.

Jennny stepped further into the room, and walked across to the bathroom, her feet padding silently across the carpeted floor. The lights came on automatically, and the fan clicked on with a whirr, drowning out any noise outside. She reached out to the basin, turning on the taps slowly, and pushed the plug into the hole. A small cloud of steam rose up from the already warm water, and settled on the mirror, clouding her reflection until it became a blur, and she reached down to the water with cupped hands. She undid the first button of her blouse, at the same time filling her cupped hands with the warm water. Her tongue poked out from between her teeth, and she threw the water into her face, rubbing her hands over her face slowly.

Jenny pulled the shower head towards her, and leaned over the bath, feeling the blood rush to her head. I really should see a doctor Jenny thought. She turned the tap on with a wrench, and water spurted out with a rush, making her splutter. Jenny pulled a towel of the rack, rubbing her face down slowly.

There was a bang, and Jenny straightened up, her back stiffening as the hairs on the back of her neck began to rise. She turned around cautiously, looking for the sense of the noise, and seeing a window open, she walked slowly over to close it. She moved over to one side as a flash of light erupted through the door. Jenny stumbled backwards, momentarily blinded.

A dark figure walked calmly into the room, and her sight cleared she realised it was wearing a clown mask. "Oh shit". Jenny said to herself. The clown walked up to her, punching her in the stomach. The breath knocked out of her, she doubled up, and she gasped, struggling to inhale breath in her deflated lungs. He walked up to her, and she backed slowly away Why is he doing this to me? Jenny thought desperately. Oh God, he's going to kill me. She panicked, making her breath come out quicker, and he pushed against her. "I don't want you to go Jenny. Please Don't go". The clown told her. It's voice was almost pleading, desperately asking her.

"Don't make me do this to you Jenny. If you'd stay I wouldn't have to punish you". The voice seemed to crack, and Jenny stared at the mask in confusion. What? He's pleading with me, and he's going to kill me?

Jenny met his gaze, and holding it, spat in his face. The clown hesitated no longer, and backed off slightly, before pushing her. She grabbed hold of his hands in surprise, pushing her nails further into his skin, drawing blood. He called out, shouting something incomprehensible, before pushing once more. Jenny fell backwatds, her back landing on the edge of the open window, and she fell backwards, all her weight on her back half of her body. She toppled backwards, her arms and legs in a cartwheeling motion, and she opened her mouth to scream, no sound coming out.

This is it. Jenny thought I'm going to die. She stopped struggling, and allowed gravity to take her, as she fell backwards, a blank look on her face. She hit the roof of her parents car with a thud, and there was an ominous snapping sound, as pain flashed up her body, and she knew instantly that something was broken. Her eyelids closed, so she could just see, and her last view before she lost conciousness was of the clown standing leaning out of the window, surveying the scene below..

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