Author's Notes: This is an idea I'm toying with for now but if you like the story I will continue, obviously this is just the intro but once the story gets started it'll be much more interesting.

Shattered Crystals By Astarte Lydiann


The eve was drawing to an end and the light would soon settle over the mountains. The sapphire sky was paling to an icy white of a winter morning. A figure sat by a fire that had become no more than a few smouldering ashes not long after midnight. She sat on the dirt ground of her camp. She looked back to the fine buildings erected across the mountains and casting high into the skies. This was a perfect world, a white city for those that would never die. In one large gust the wind the fire was completely dead and the girl stood up to the rising sun. The breezes tossed her lengthy ebony hair backwards over her shoulders and caused it to swirl and drift in the air behind her. She raised a feminine, white hand to shield her delicate jade eyes from the bright white light that now streamed across the sky and reflected off of the snowy ground.

She turned around slowly and walked back into the city walls. She walked past many people who looked at her and whispered amongst themselves. She had no trouble making her way through the crowd, they all moved away from her and left her a clear pathway. She made her way to a large set of marble gates which opened for her immediately. She walked down the stone road towards a large white palace, she was not royalty however, but in was very common amongst her people to have a palace. She placed her hand against the entrance doors and they opened and then closed behind her. Inside no one greeted her. The walls were made of elegant white stone, mostly quartz and marble. There were fires in various rooms heating the building but no one could be seen.

At the top of the large staircase was a huge portrait. There was a family, a man with long brown hair and emerald eyes and a woman with ebony hair and grey eyes and pale skin, she was to the young girl the most beautiful woman she'd ever seen. Below the couple stood a young man with brown hair and hazel eyes and a bright smile, and next to him stood a young girl with ebony hair and dark jade coloured eyes and white skin and a slight smiled. Below on a golden plaque were four names in scripted. The first were Halmorthus, Lord of Merden and Serenity, Lady of RimeOak. Below them were two other names, Brennan, heir to the two forest lands and Lady Trinity. The ebony hair girl sighed, there was no use for her. Simply Lady Trinity, although her brother had given her some responsibility in taking care of the lands they owned since their parents died.

She walked towards her parent's bedchamber and then went through a door into her mother's private room. She had not been in here often since her mother dyed and never once before then. It was an entirely white room full of crystal and glass. Trinity sat at the dresser and gazed into the large mirror. She waved her hand and then balanced on her fingertips was a crystal ball, she held it in the palms of her hands and looked into it. Still, she saw nothing other than things that had happened.

For many years she had tried to perfect her mother's magical skills, her mother Serenity had been able to see the past present and future in the crystal as well as people dreams and wishes. Trinity however could only see her own memories. No matter how she tried she could never see anything more. She could not even see her own dreams. The door opened slowly.

"Trinity, I couldn't find you this morning." A male voice said gently. "Were you in the forests?" the girl merely nodded and didn't look at her brother. "I've had the servants save you some food if you want it. Please don't starve yourself over your sadness. I don't want to be all alone do I?" Trinity smiled softly.

"I won't." she said quietly. "Besides, where would you be without me? You can barely keep up with the basic paperwork when I'm not here." Brennan smiled and told her that he'd see her at lunch before leaving the room.

Trinity went to sit on a chair by the window. She missed her mother greatly. She had been so kind and gentle. Why did it have to happen to her parents? No one would talk to her any more because they were afraid of her, because she was upset and they might make things worse. She had begun to realise even as a child that people in the city relied far too much on words alone that they had grown careless with them and somehow ever word hurt someone, but what could she do about it? This world was once so perfect, now what was it? Far from perfect, even she knew that.