Heir to a lost thrown By Astarte Lydiann Prologue: Council of Dieria

Survival is a basic instinct so it is natural instinct for a race to do anything to survive, even if it hurts another. 'One's loss is a gain for many.'

The Dieran Council have been facing a crisis that may destroy their kingdom forever and the Golden palace and it's city will fall to ruin at the hands of the wielder of the dark fire. The Council is meeting yet again in desperation to salvage at least part of the kingdom from a cruel fate. The head of the council Lord Aiden is trying to sacrifice the lower people of the kingdom to save the higher. That is his heartless plan, however there may be another way.

The greying head of the Dieran Council stood before his fellow leaders in the grim and dark hall, hidden deep within the Golden Palace of Dieria. He tried to silence the now arguing members. The situation was getting nowhere. Some were for the Sacrificial Escape and some were strongly against it.

"You cannot leave hundreds and thousands of innocent people to die!" exclaimed a young man with white hair. Lord Aiden looked at him intrigued.

"Can't I?" he mocked. "We cannot let this Kingdom fall! There is no other way!"

"It is time to bring back to heir of the white king." A voice spoke up. Heads turned to see the eldest member of the council standing and walking towards the centre of the circle.

"What do you know about this Sir Illden?" Lord Aiden mocked. "This matter is for the strong members of the council to deal with."

"Now you listen here. This council was created for the good of the people, to fill the hole left by the white king centuries ago. It was created to be strong as a whole not to have stronger members overpowering weaker ones." He was now announcing his views to the entire room. "It has grown into this after those centuries and I was there all those centuries ago when this council was created. I know what happened."

"Just how old are you?" Lord Aiden demanded. Sir Illden just looked daringly at him.

"You should never ask a Puri how old they are?" he said. Gasps and murmurs broke out into the room.

"You're.a-a..Puri? can't be true!" Lord Aiden stammered.

"Oh can't it?" the elder man replied. "Quite the contrary to what you believe Aiden, the Puri do still exist among us, most of them unknown, even to themselves. There are about two other Puri in this room right at this very moment and one of them certainly doesn't know that they are one." Another man with white, silvery hair stood up and came towards Lord Aiden.

"I am a Puri also, Lord Aiden. I am on my fifth century. Where as Sir Illden here is on his Sixth." He said. Lord Aiden was left speechless and staggering to regain at least a faint sign of composure.

"And? Who is the third then Sir Midus?" Lord Aiden asked. The two older men both turned to look at a young man with white-silvery hair who had spoken earlier. He looked bewildered.

"My Grandson Son. Jaraden is the third in this room." Sir Midus said. "But he didn't know this of course. He wouldn't have understood." Everyone went silent. They all were left to ponder over the thoughts and new revelations that had just been announced.

"This holds only a little relevance however." Sir Illden announced. "After the great kingdom was destroyed, as legend goes the white king was indeed victorious and the dark forces of Radnor were concealed deeps within their own caves. However, the king was left weak and he only had a single heir, one whom at the time would not be strong enough to rule in his place and so after his death his queen Trinity used her ancient powers to hide the heir in a far away place until a time in the distant future when an heir was needed. After that Queen Trinity set up this council and disappeared into what we now call the Lost mountains, and she never returned. It was said that she was growing weak and wanted a peaceful resting place. So the council rebuilt the city into what is now the Golden Palace and its shining city."

"And what relevance does this have then? You intend to find the Queen?" Lord Aiden asked.

"No. We must recover the heir of the white king. We shall cast a spell at the sacred waters at sundown, wherever the heir is, they will change into their original state and when that happens." he sighed. "We can find them and bring them here."

"So where is this heir? Who are they? Will they mind coming back?" Jaraden asked. Sir Illden looked solemnly at the young man.

"The king's daughter. It was not common to have a female monarch, especially a young one. Why else do you think they would send her away. She was only an infant of course so she won't remember anything. It was to protect her." Illden told him sadly.

"You didn't answer my question. Where are they and will they mind coming here then?" Jaraden said. "If they don't remember here then you're going to tell a girl her life is a lie and force her into something she doesn't want."

"That my lad, is the part I regret. I don't know exactly where they are and the chances are won't want what is about to happen to her 's either do this a ruin one life of go along with Lord Aiden's plan and sacrifice thousands of lives." Sir Illden looked around the circle. "This is our only chance."

"Council is dismissed, we shall meet just before sun down at the sacred waters." Lord Aiden announced. "Let's just hope you know what you are doing, Sir Illden." He added quietly to the old man.

Come sundown the sky was the most brilliant pastel pink and orange shades inking into the sapphire blanket of darkness that waited patiently above it for the sun to disappear. Around the large lake of still water were many large flames and torches. Around it stood several cloaked figures who chanted ancient words and guided the uprising smoke from the centre torches with their arms up into the sky.

By the time the ritual had finished the sky was a perfect sapphire ocean filled with bright silver stars and the moon that floated directly above the water in the lake. The figure dispersed one by one and soon there was only an old man and a young boy.

"Sir are ruining an innocent girls life aren't we?" the boy asked. The older man turned and placed a pale winkled hand on the boys shoulder.

"I am afraid so young Jaraden. One thing I advice you is not to get involved with her either, the chances are she will go mad soon after doing what needs to be done and will die." the man said quietly. "Do not tell her this."

"Sir Illden! There must be some other way. What a cruel thing to do! She will die?" the boy asked, terrified bye eyes staring into old regretful grey ones.

"It is out of my hands." The old man sighed quietly and walked away. Jaraden sat on the mossy ground and looked into the pool of sacred water. He looked deeply into his own reflection, his white hair hung over his eyes and around his shoulders, and his sapphire eyes angrily glared into the silent water. He slapped the lake with his hand, sending silvery sprays into the air.

"I am nearly a full grown man! I have to believe in what I best for the kingdom not just one single person!" he hissed, clenching his fists. "But then why do I feel so guilty about this." He moved to his feet and walked back out to the shelter of the sacred water and headed into the city. He should go home, rest and maybe then he would see sense.