This is a series of twelve 5-7-5s that are connected in a kind of series which depicts the course of change in a man's attitude towards himself as his interests develop into his own attempt to give himself power and control.


How to be a Narcissist

1. (Give Reasons)

...I wish I knew you
...I wish I knew what you'd say
...I wish I was you

2. And I Believed

Nice dreams plague my sleep
Where you tell me what you want
But you won't say now


I'm here, you are saved
Saved and smiling on the disc
Saved, your life makes mine

4. Actors

I'm sorry for you
Please, will you be sorry too
To follow the script

5. Ego Malfunction

Some cunning disguise!
Those words could not have been hers
We have found a flaw

6. Patient

You're full of questions
Can't answer them all right now
Hope you get well soon

7. TV Dinners

Packaged Kraft dinners
Taste nice when we see the ad
United we sit

8. Our March on Rome

Turn on the telly!
The news is for all of us
We're good together

9. Time and Money

So, you're not insured!
Mortality's in dollars
So, you've had your day

10. The Treatment

Please sit down and stay
Just forget all their problems
You will be okay

11. My Empty Seat

Please don't vote for me
Facts are too strange for fiction
Vote for my picture!

12. Life as a Narcissist

Film me a favour
Lend me my full attention
Satisfy me, live!