A/N: this is a topic poem. (a poem where you write a word at the top of the page and just write whatever it reminds you of, in ANY way...) the idea for a topic poem is from Zee1. so... excuse the madness...

Sea Monkeys

That smiley face on the sticker

Said, "We aim to please."

It said, "Call if you want to talk."

That cop on the street

Said, "Get out of the way, Miss."

He said, "Stay in the crosswalk."

The robbers at the bank

Said, "Stick 'em up guys."

They said, "Hand over your money."

My mom at the stove

Said, "Wash your hands before you eat."

She said, "Playing with food isn't vaguely funny."

The monkeys in the sea

Said, "This isn't where monkeys ought to be."

They said, "But we make more sense than anybody."