Ocean Cliff
Standing there,
Oh, so high up.
Brief whiffs of salty air.
I throw away my last slice of bread.
Murmuring softly,
"So soon, so soon."
Over and over again.
I listen back to hear the answer,
The waves of the ocean crash back,
Like cymbals in response.
"Oh, help me, dear spirits,
This is the end."

I look down once more
The sun will rise,
I will no longer mourn.
The stars twinkle
Their sad good-byes.
I wipe off a tear
As my hair whips my face,
Then jump for my life, through the corner of my eye,
I see the soldiers coming.

Instantly, water engulfs me.
I try to swim, but, am pushed back down.
Comes the darkness
I had expected.
"So soon, so soon, so soon."
Says an anonymous voice.