A New Path

Summary: Rose Swartch is a completely normal girl, or so she thinks, until a woman shows up to tell her otherwise.~_Medieval time_~

If this story does not appeal to you, do not flame me, if there are errors in it, be glad to tell me, if you like it, be sure to tell me!

I got ideas by several different Fiction's(Though I did'nt steal anything), and RP-Ing, this is not based on any RP, and only the character Kaze is formed by RP's, though,the character Kaze is not Mary Sue, and nor is his sibling, you will note their flaws soon in the story, and there is one rule: Have Fun!


Rose Swartch, a young girl, approxamitaly 13, wrote on the small paper, smiling slightly, she would finaly get her own life. She would be sent to another village, near the castle where the King of this land, Mathol Lucian, lived.

She was thrilled to meet the King in her first time to get a Emeral. She thought back to when she had seen one first, it was a small golden object, round, with a pearl in it, the colour of the pearl showed the reason you got it, but it was always for a very special occurance.

She looked over the small road which led to the village, then behind her, as she saw a woman behind the carrige she was in. She motioned for the man who drove (As in made them to move, thank you) the horses to stop, and smiled at the woman, asking:"Hello, do you need a ride?"

The woman looked up, and slightly nodded, and, while she was about 5 foot down, she jumped into the carrige, next to Rose. She took her hand and slightly shook it.

"Hello, my name is Jamana, Rose, I presume?"The woman said, much to startling Rose

"How do you know that name?"Rose asked, backing away from Jamana. Jamana merely smiled warmly, and told her:

"I know more about you then that, Rose, I can not tell you why, but I can tell you this:" Jamana gave her some time to let it all *Sink In* Then continued "I am here to help you, but most of all, to protect you, we must find a secure place to talk" She glanced at the driver "For there are things I can not tell you here"

Jamana let herself fall back into the hay of the carrige, then, it occurred to Rose how beautifull the woman was, she was very athletic, nicely built, with white/blonde hair, wearing black cloths that adorned her, the woman caught her staring, and smiled once more

"I'd close that mouth of yours if I were you about now"Jamana suddenly gasped, seemingly in pain. One small tear fell down her cheek, as she turned around, Rose, however, was quick, and moved to her side, concerned about her, she asked:" everything okay?"

Jamana turned back to her, with a tear stained face "No" She said, simply, before she broke up into sobs

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