A New Path

Summary: Rose Swartch is a completely normal girl, or so she thinks, until a woman shows up to tell her otherwise.~_Medieval time_~

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I got ideas by several different Fiction's(Though I did'nt steal anything), and RP-Ing, this is not based on any RP, and only the character Kaze is formed by RP's, though,the character Kaze is not Mary Sue, and nor is his sibling, you will note their flaws soon in the story, and there is one rule: Have Fun!

Thnaks for the reiews? Did I get reviews? I'm not entirely sure. Also inside is a small sneak peek at what I have in store for you with all three of the stories. ********************************

Rose watched how Kaze teleported away. She began to think to herself about what had happened the past few day, but tried to forget the *Incident* With the monsters. It had been a horribly wrong time, she decided. But Kaze seemed to make it all come right again.

Kaze, she thought. He was so strange. He showed up without warning and immediately knew what she wanted- Him. It was as if he could read her mind. If only she had known that he could. Rose also began to think about why she had met them. It was one of the most strange things. She was about to start a new life, but then Jamana showed up. Now she was trying to help that same person. Life was one mystery sometimes. Rose heared a sound that sounded like it was a wolf. She felt fear overtake her senses. She looked around her carefully, trying not to loose sight of her predator as soon as she found it. It was a normal wolf, not some super-powered creature that wanted to kill her for some unknown reason. She watched as it got closer to her. She was scared beyond belief for this wolf, knowing she did'nt have something to defend herself with. Or did she have something? She thought back to the night before the 'Incident' Happened. Creatures had attacked her then, too. And she killed them. Was that about to happen here too?

The wolf growled as it jumped at her. She tried to think of casting that spell she thought it was, but failed completely. She felt how the wolf grabbed her arm and tried to gnaw through it. Rose screamed in pain, and tried to kick the animal off. It held on, though. She then heared a yell behind her, and saw how a strange, purple, aura made it's way to the wolf. When it touched it, the wolf disappeared and in it's place there was only a small corpse. She looked at her savior, expecting to see Kaze. It was'nt him, though. It was a man she had never seen before. He grinned at her. "What are you doing here so...Exposed and alone?" He asked, smiling, watching her over. She could just feel what his thoughts were:'God she looks Hot'.

Rose looked away from the man , blushing, and trying to cover herself up. A girl suddenly came next to the man, laying her head down on his shoulder and whispering something she could'nt hear. Somehow she did know it was not something she had to do anything about with. The two looked back at Rose and smiled widely, coming closer and holding out their hands for her to shake it, yet she did'nt, who would in a situation like this one?

"The girl smiled warmly at Rose, and said:"It's okay, he's used to seeing unknown girls naked in front of him..." Which resulted into a playfull slap from her Male companion. For some reason, Rose felt it was safe and took the girls' hand into her's. "Rose" She said. "Sheba" Sheba replied. The man next to her smiled and took Rose's hand into his now. "Rokushan" The man said. Rose smiled slightly at him, still blushing ever so brightly. She noticed that the man did'nt even notice she was naked anymore and felt safe now. Rose stood up and shouted:"Kaze! Where are you? Can you come here?" Which resulted into frowns from Sheba and Rokushan. Kaze did come quickly, though. Rose watched how his form came through the woods to show his handsome face and body. He was carrying so much food that a normal man would have not been able to carry it all but that only resulted into weird looks from Sheba and Rokushan. Rose shrugged at it but instead helped Kaze carry the food to the cave they would have to sleep in. All the while teling over the people she had met without even leaving out ONE detail.

When the two got back Sheba and Rokushan were talking and kissing each other lovingly. They seemed to hold an even stronger bond then she had seen before. Rose smiled at the two when they quickly seperated. Kaze walked to them and took Rokushan's hand and shook it. "Kaze" He said shortly, smiling slightly, but not all too friendly at the for him stranger. He took Sheba's hand but instead of shaking it he brought it to his lips and kissed it tenderly, grinning. Sheba lightly giggled with a beauifull medoly, which sounded heartwarming. "Kaze, and you are, beautifull lady?" Kaze said with a laugh. Sheba smiled and softly said:"S-Sheba...". Yet Kaze did'nt hear a thing as he was on the ground with a large stick on his head.

"There" Rose said, and pulled him to the cave. She looked back to see Rokushan and Sheba standing at the entrance, confused. Rose smiled sheepishly and asked:"Is anything wrong?" With a voice barely over a whisper.

"Rokushan looked around while Sheba replied:"Do you...Live here?". Rose did'nt know wether she did or did'nt, so she said:"We got lost in a battle against strange creatures and were now stuck here until we can find out where to go to, or we have a compass"(A/N: Compasses existed in that time in my imagination, kay?). Sheba and Rokushan looked strangely at her but did'nt say much about it, except for:"Y-You can come with us..." With voices like dust.


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