A New Path

Summary: Rose Swartch is a completely normal girl, or so she thinks, until a woman shows up to tell her : CONTAINS STRAIGHT RELATIONSHIPS ~_Medieval time_~

If this story does not appeal to you, do not flame me, if there are errors in it, be glad to tell me, if you like it, be sure to tell me!

I got ideas by several different Fiction's(Though I did'nt steal anything), and RP-Ing, this is not based on any RP, and only the character Kaze is formed by RP's, though,the character Kaze is not Mary Sue, and nor is his sibling, you will note their flaws soon in the story, and there is one rule: Have Fun!


Rose Swartch was'nt the type to be easily startled, but the once proud looking woman crying shocked her a lot, she, though she did'nt expect a good answer, asked:"Can , Jamana?"Softly, not wanting to upset her even more, she felt guilty, but she was'nt sure why.

Jamana looked up at her, her eyes were red, and she clamped herself against Rose, lifted her head up to her ear, and whispered, so soft she barely heared it from those few inches:"It's not your fault, Rose, it's not your.."She stopped in mid-sentence, as her eyes grew wide with fear, and pain, she was thrown back against the back of the carrige with a sickening thud, a little blood coming from where she hit it, she was still normal, until her eyes jerked open again, she was in obvious pain, she backed away from rose, shouting:"Go away, it is for your own safety, try to get away!"

Jamana seemed to be fighting herself as Rose panicked, not knowing if she should leave Jamana behind, but decided it was'nt going to hurt to at least stop and get out of the carrige itself, crawling to the front, she told the driver to stop, and get out, the driver frowned, but did as told as he saw her panicked face, he stopped, and motioned for her to get out.

Rose looked back at Jamana, and wished her safety from the dephs of her heart, as she got out and waited outside for something to happen, she was shocked to see light emiting from Jamana, it was dark, yet it did'nt seem to belong to her, but to something else, Rose stay'd watching, her curiosity taking the better of her, fascinated at the purpleish light, as Jamana seemed to stop glowing, and did'nt seem to be fighting herself anymore, Rose got in again, and crawled back to Jamana, the carrige had a small roof, which ment for if huge pieces of haywere loaded in, they would'nt fall off, Rose did'nt note that Jamana's eyes had changed from their soft, caring, and maybe a bit, exited, to a vengefull purple(Why did I pick my favorite colour for a evil thing.), as she screamed, it was a tortured, horrible, scream, as she seemed to control energy in her hand, a long, red, trident appeared, and rose did'nt need to guess what it would be used for...


This was chapter two folks, yes, I know their short, but I want you all to read one, and have to wait until later that day, or the next day, to read the next piece, MUHAHA