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Chapter One-A Brief Glance

Now, ten years after Shawn and I broke up, I am 27 and getting along quite nicely. I've got a great job as a pediatrician, and I've even kept in touch with Amanda. She and Daniel broke up pretty close to the time Shawn and I did.

I have even gotten over my loss of Shawn. In fact, I hadn't thought of him that much since I got some closure on your relationship eight years ago, two years after we broke up. At least, I thought I had found closure. I mean, I HAD been through several boyfriends since he left. Then again, they didn't last more than three months, so maybe that had something to do with him. Maybe I wasn't over him yet. Maybe I never had been. I really didn't know.

I just. . . started thinking about him today. I was leaving work and heading over to the Starbucks across from the hospital. The street was extremely crowded, and I only caught a glimpse of him, but, even after ten years, I could recognize him anywhere. It was Shawn, but what was he doing here in New York? The last time I'd heard from him, he had become a manager in some company out in California.

When I saw him, though, memories came flooding back. I stopped dead in my tracks, not caring that people walking on the sidewalk were bumping into me. I ran over to him, only to find that he was gone. He had disappeared, just like that, exactly like he had disappeared from my life ten years ago.

Did he know I was here in New York? Or was it pure coincidence? Did I feel something for him, after all these years? Hell, he had vanished from my thoughts years ago, but now he shows up. Will I get to see him again? God knows I wanted to. And if I did, would it mean anything? And most of all, why was I having these meaningful thoughts now, of all times? I mean, I hadn't thought about him for so long, and suddenly, he shows up. What was up with all these mixed emotions?

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