My Savior

Well storms are tough,

And rain beats down hard,

Earthquakes tremble,

And thunders roar,

Darkness overwhelms.

How can one cling

So stubbornly onto life,

When it seems

The world is upside down?

The dark wind lashes out

Stings and pains,

Howling laugher all about.

Clawing hands hungering

For something to rip apart.

Deceiving lips and lying tongues

Sing their sweet songs,

To lure all in.

And in the center of it all

Am I.

Deceived into the darkness,

Tricked into putting on an image

That I am not.

A blinded fool I was,

Wandering about aimlessly.


Dragging along others with me.

Painfully going through day after day.

Tricking myself

Into being blinded my the darkness.

But what was the light

That pierced me that night?

Who held the voice

That drove the demons away?

Shook me out of my lethargy

And untied the blindfolds

From my eyes

To let me see.

My rescuer,

My redeemer,

Changed me anew,

Let me free

From the lies and deceit.

And again I realize

I owe my all to Him.

I get down on my knees

And I lift up my hands

In awe and wonder,

Tears of joy run down my face.

Elation runs through me,

And I feel content.

And through the storm,

The earthquakes and rains,

The thunder and the darkness,

I see the serene calm

Awaiting at the end.

And I trust my savior

To lead me through.