Being happy,

is excruciatingly hard,

yet I still keep on

going along with my everyday plan,

even if everything goes to hell,

I still plan on

smacking this placid smile,

upon my happy spirit,

which no one ever sees,

floating around,

whispering secret dreams

into the crowds cheer,

yet I don't hear,

the thundering echo

trembling deep within my heart

giving way

to the thud and pounding

of the loves beat.

Dancing the night away

flashing red and blue lights

lighting on the floor,

your swimming in the moment,

don't give away your courage,

keep on going,

keep on going,

to the sound,

of the daily beat,

running down your street,

swirling within your tired soul,

spinning your dancing feet.

Dancing the night away,

swimming in the glow,

vibrating with your heart

a special trance is played for you,

everyday in your stressed out life,

played the immortal angels,

laying down the grooves,

holding you together

keeping you going on.

Dancing the night away,

thumping electronic heart,

it just won't start,

unless you got the real soul,

digging deep inside of you,

you gotta keep moving,

or else your lifes incomplete.

You'll never find the right key,

without the right heart,

switch to start,

you feel the emotions

running down the night,

running off the track,

heading off with a different pack,

howling to a glowing moon,

growling to a different tune,

you feel the nights shade,

bend down upon your glade,

can't stop finding the truth,

looking all around the Earth,

to find whats really worth,

hidden deep inside of your heart,

dancing the night away,

you feel drenched,

within loves beat.