Together Alone

A girl sits alone on an old park bench
Alone, because that's the way she likes it
Unnoticed by passers-by
And lost to the world
It's not her clothes that make her different
Nor her voice nor her skin nor her family
But she is
She's different, an outcast
She is what she chooses to be

Some people can't help their differences
Be it their skin or their heritage
That shuts them out of the crowd
But she can
Though she doesn't
Because she doesn't care what they think

Rain starts to fall from the overcast sky
And still she sits on the bench, by herself
Until another girl walks up the path
Umbrella in hand
And sits on the park bench, too
The friend she knew she could always count on
The kind you make and keep for life
They smiled at each other
She held the umbrella out
And together, they walked away

They're different together
Neither is what they're not
They don't pretend
And don't care
That's why their friends
Together alone


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