I'm cold and shaking in the warm days sun

I'm slipping and dying before the eyes of a stage

The more laughter that comes out, the more far-gone I get

Crying alone, in an isolated room

Pain and hunger all hid from you

Insanity will concur soon

My stomach hurts, I'm going to be sick

I'm doubled over, throwing up my fear

But with every breath taken, twice as much comes back

I want to escape this cage of mine

But don't want to hurt you at the same time

You mean so much to me

Feel my hurt, and understand

If you love me, let me go

I'd do the same for you

I hate this town

It's filled with perfect gardens

And even more perfect people

I'm losing grip, I'm letting go

The light is fading fast

Goodbye to you, my love you'll always know