My imagination runs away from me

To plants and animals at the bottom of the sea

From moons and stars in the sky

To the birds and the clouds way up high

From pirates and their ships of gold

To horses and gallant knights so bold

From jumping into the air from a plane

To a lion roaring in the rain

From eating pizza with my friends

To the pretty gardens my mother tends

From rainbows in the sky so bright

To a cold, dreary, wintry night

From what color crayon would I be?

To are there mermaids in the sea?

So many thoughts for the mind to think

Before I realize it my buddy winks

That's my signal to come back to this room

To tear myself away and come back to this gloom

More commonly known to others as life

Mine is filled with many hardships and strife

Which is why I let my mind wander

There are so many better things to ponder

Than all the questions that I cant answer

And what problems our world will incur