After the Rain.

Sometimes it's dark
And a storm in the sky
Signals the coming
Of a shunned emotion.
Like something alien
Out of the void
It rains down the tears
And the fears
Of a wounded heart
With thunder that pierces,
That goes for the kill
With the guilt and the story
Her friends told her.
Lies, lies, lies!
But they're all true.
There's no denying
The lightning of the forbidden kiss.
Another time, another place
Where it was all summer
In paradise, you stole the forbidden fruit.
You danced with the snake:
It takes two to tango.
And it rains, and it rains
And it stings, and it stings
Until it's all gone, with a hiss
With a bang.
It rolls past, with an invisible dust
That signals a start
After the rain, you stand up
And head for the open arms of the summer
And the snake