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I gazed up at the sky, admiring the rain as it fell from its great height onto my window. The bleak gray sky provided me with some comfort. It echoed my mood. Pressing my forehead against the cool glass, I gulped and closed my eyes, struggling to fight back tears. How many more tears would I shed over this? Why were all my waking thoughts centered on him, and why was it his face that burned in my dreams all night long? Determined not to cry, and further his hold on me that no distance could dispel, I promptly crossed to my bookshelf, pointedly ignoring the folders lying open on my desk, and withdrew a deep blue leather bound book. Flopping down on my bed, I opened up my journal and began to read, reflecting upon the day it had all started.

December 16th

I was so excited, diary, when I heard my favourite book, The Myriad Mile was being made into a movie - and even more so when I found out Caleb Rosier would be the one playing Raven, one of the three main characters. Amelia and I have been in love with him since his small role that English comedy Roses, earlier this year. He's only a new star, which makes it more exciting! So I'm generally a quiet person during the week, with English as my favourite subject, and books as my best friends, but on the weekend I need to be set free like any sane teenager. Still reveling in the freedom of our summer holidays, and the fact that we only have one more year left at school, I allowed Amelia to drag me along to the red carpet premiere today.

I shook my head again, something I had done repetitively since I had been standing, pushed against a barricade for approximately three hours with Amelia, whilst we waited with dozens of other star struck fans, mostly girls around my age, with eager anticipation for the arrival of 'The three most current heart throbs of Hollywood.' This is the kind of behaviour I would generally scoff at, not seeing the rationality behind the cult of hero-worship which Hollywood endorsed, based on looks alone, yet I had been talked into it by Amelia.

"Put aside your psychoanalysis of the mindless conformity of youth to come and perve for a day, Bree!" she had exclaimed. She was impressed by the fact that I had admitted to being in love with Caleb Rosier, and was hoping I would continue in this interest, as she was glad to see me with a sign of 'teenage normalcy.'

Honestly, just because I scoff at some teenage practices, I am relatively normal. I like school, yet also enjoy the company of my friends, and the occasional party more so. I get my kicks from soccer (no pun intended) and singing, which I consider relatively normal teen practices. I enjoyed a relatively low-key status at school, but those who I talked to liked me well enough, I thought. I find it a lot easier just to be nice to everyone, rather than trying to oppose them.

So, in a bid to prove my teenage normalcy to Amelia, to find other fans of the two part fantasy series that I had been in love with since age ten, and mostly, to meet Caleb Rosier, I now gazed down the red carpet towards the road, waiting the arrival of the stars in eager anticipation.

Most girls were there for the main star, Will Slyman, a well-known American actor who played Azra, the hero in the movie. Others, such as Amelia and I, were hoping for a glimpse of the uprising English-Irish star Caleb Rosier, who played Azra's best friend. Others, too, were there for the 'small and lovable' character, Zanius, played by the hyperactive Canadian Hayden Ellis.

The atmosphere began to pick up as those lucky enough to have tickets began to make their way up the red carpet, with various Australian soap stars (and similar) entwined with them. "We want Caleb!" screamed Amelia, and I would have been embarrassed if it were not for the dozens of other hysterical cries of teenage girls, which effectively worked to drown Amelia out. Still, I was glad we were in the front row. We had a good a chance as any to have Caleb approach us.

When a limo arrived, the screaming picked up to such an intensity that I felt compelled to block my ears for a moment. Out leapt, with jovial energy, Hayden, Will, and Caleb. Cries of their three names erupted all over the place, and it was Hayden who first bounced over to us. I was ecstatic to get a photo and autograph with him. He was an absolute crowd entertainer. I felt slightly amazed when we had a similar experience with Will, as he was such a big star.

When he moved to the people next to us, Amelia began yelling "Caleb!" He turned in our direction, and began to make his way over. I heard Amelia making a strange type of squeaking sound. I grinned widely, partly at her antics, and partly in excitement. I couldn't describe why my heart was pounding. But he looked so good, the most suave of the three, in jeans, a striped shirt and jacket, calmly making his way over to us. His dark hair was spiked, and his attractive facial features were lit by the dozens of camera flashes erupting around us. I almost shook my head at myself in ridicule, but hey, I was just a teenage girl with hormones!

I swear I could have fainted when he smiled, his hand brushing against mine as he took my pen from me to sign a poster I had. He then nodded obligingly as I put my camera forward, taking it into his hand, and putting his arm around my shoulder as he took a photo. Handing it back to me, all I could think to say was "thank you."

His eyes suddenly flickered to my shirt, which read 'I'm out of bed and dressed, what more do you want?' "That's a cool shirt! If I wasn't such a gentleman, I'd ask you to give it to me."

I smiled. "And I read somewhere that you said you don't use pick up lines on girls." I was always skeptical about that. He had a reputation as a charmer. It turned out to be true. He chuckled. "Always nice to have a fan who can shut me down."

He winked at me, then turned to Amelia, leaving me feeling dazed. Apart from everything else, his smile, his personality, his charisma, his accent got me the most. You'll soon join the cult of hero worship if you don't watch yourself, I thought, and so tried to calm myself, even though Amelia was squealing beside me. "You actually had a conversation with him! A conversation! With Caleb Rosier!"

I smiled. "Two sentences, Amelia!"

That would have been the excitement of our evening, what we had waited hours for, if it was not for what happened next. They had handed everyone raffle tickets as they entered the fan area, and would draw two tickets, and the winners would receive a double-pass to see the movie that night. I was absolutely ecstatic, when whilst the stars were up at the media end, they drew the winners. Amelia started squealing they'd drawn her ticket, and a man came down and handed her a double pass! The excitement of being in a cinema with the stars and everyone who made the movie, and walking down the red carpet was minor compared to my sheer excitement at seeing the film a week before everyone in Australia. I'm a self-professed literary geek, and extremely wide read. But what I love reading (and writing) more than anything is fantasy, and I had been in love with The Myriad Mile for almost seven years.

It was a surreal feeling, walking down the red carpet, flanked by probably hundreds of adoring fans, my heart pounding in my chest. I would have asked someone to pinch me to assure me it was reality, but there was no need, as Amelia was clutching my arm so hard, half my blood supply was cut off.

We were escorted by cinema workers up to the theatre, and were almost the last ones to arrive, seating ourselves near the back. My legs were shaking hard as I sat down. At that moment, the cast and crew present were introduced. We applauded loudly for all of them, and I found I stared at Caleb most of the time. I could have sworn he met my eyes once, yet it was probably my imagination. After a few minutes of dialogue, the lights began to dim, and I was pretty sure the cast and crew left the theatre. My excitement of my brief encounter with Caleb was snatched from my mind for the next three hours as I was dashed away into the world of Xarlonn, with the Three Scouts that were Azra, Raven and Zanius stealing my thoughts and emotions.

When it ended, the entire theatre burst into applause, yet I sat, spellbound at what I had just been shown. Amelia glanced at me and laughed. "I know plenty of people who love this book, but none as keen as you! Will you survive the one year wait for the sequel?" I smiled as I wiped my eyes. "I'm not sure. But it was amazing, 'Melia, the interpretation of the Scouts! The landscape of Xarlonn! And the-" I was cut off by a woman announcing "Ladies and gentleman, we would now like to invite all of you to attend the after party in the bar-lounge upstairs, where you may gain another opportunity to talk with the cast and crew!"

Amelia squealed (for the millionth time that night) and grabbed my hand. "I promise, tomorrow, I will analyze this movie with you in comparison to the book for hours on end. But now, we get to go to the after party! With Caleb Rosier! And Will Slyman! Who knows, you may get to talk to the director about it!" "I know!" I answered, feeling my face would freeze in that position if I smiled anymore that night. "But I'm still not 17 for another few weeks, let alone 18! Reckon they'll care?" Amelia lowered her voice. "I don't know if there's an age restriction. But we look 18. As long as we don't try to get any drinks, I can't see the problem. C'mon, we have to try!"

Grinning in excitement, we followed the crowd up the stairs. There was constant chatter around us, as all had been enraptured in the movie. We were waiting behind a girl who looked about our age. She smiled at us "you guys like it?"

Amelia nodded. "Oh yeah! My friend here is an absolute obsessive with the book, it was her gasping at every sentence in the movie." I looked sheepish, yet the girl smiled at me.

"That's like my brother Michael here." A guy on her other side gave us a smile.

"And we're quite justified, aren't we.?"

"Bree" I said. "Definitely!"

The girl laughed. "I'm Zoe, and I might finally have to read the books now!"

We talked to them for a time as the crowd slowly made their way up the stairs. As we neared the doors, I asked "do you know I there's an age restriction on these things?"

Zoe smiled. "How old are you?"

"Seventeen" Amelia immediately said, which was true for one of us.

"That's cool" said Michael. "I'm twenty, and Zo's eighteen. We'll just say you're with us if there's any trouble."

There wasn't any trouble, and we sat with Michael and Zoe at the after party. Michael bought Amelia a drink, but I was too busy gazing around in awe at everyone. Michael grinned at me as Zoe and Amelia fell into a deep topic of conversation. "You not game to talk to him?"

I smiled. I was staring at Samuel Reynolds, the director, whom I considered a genius.

"Not really!"

"Me either. How bout we go together? If we tell him we're fanatical book fans, and at least attempt to ask him some intelligent questions, we might get lucky!"

It was twenty minutes before we finally got lucky, and I hope he didn't notice that we pounced on him as soon as he was free. I was nervous, yet Michael was relatively cool, shaking his hand. "Great job, were Myron (the author) alive, he would have been proud!" Samuel chuckled at his cockiness, running a hand over his balding head. "Thank you. I see I have some book fans here. I must admit, you are kind are the most difficult to contend with!"

I took a deep breath. "Is it alright if I ask you one question?"

He smiled. "Certainly."

"What made you remove Whiteley?"

Whiteley was the father of Azra's love interest in the movie.

"There wasn't much more reason than trying to simplify the plot, and reduce the screen time. The original cut was over six hours."

"But what about his relationship with his daughter? Weren't his actions the whole reason behind her suicide?

He looked slightly taken aback, yet perhaps gratified to have a knowledgeable fan. "You are right. You'll see in the sequel how we hade to rework the cause of her death. Yet I hope this slight change in the storyline will not cause you to withdraw your high opinion of the movie?"

I grinned. "No, sir."

At that moment, none other than Caleb Rosier came over and draped his arm around Samuel's shoulder. "Hey there, my man. Partying on? You deserve it!" Samuel smiled.

"Actually, I have reached my intellectual point in the night. This young lady has been enquiring most intelligently about plot changes."

Caleb turned his dark blue eyes towards me, and I was surprised to see recognition spark in them. "Ah, yes. I met you outside!"

I could only blush as Samuel said, "so this is another one in your growing amount of fans, hey?"

Caleb smiled. "Actually, she quite well put me in my place."

"Really? I like her then!"

Soon, Will joined them, and I edged away with Michael, feeling slightly overwhelmed. Amelia and Zoe pounced on us as we went back to the table. "You talked to the director! And Caleb! What did they say?" Michael laughed. "I thought you were a Will fan, Zoe?"

"I am, but after seeing the movie, Caleb is definitely growing one me!"

We had a good night. At about midnight, people began to take to the dance floor, so the four of us joined them. Will, Caleb and Hayden were dancing with a few of the crew members, slightly apart from the crowd. Obviously, people were intimidated by them. It was quite crowded, yet at one point, I experienced a particularly strong collision with someone firm. Turning, I was deeply embarrassed to see Caleb Rosier there, rubbing his arm.

"Sorry!" I exclaimed.

"Not your fault," he said good-naturedly, and the accent was beginning to work its magic on me again. "I was born with two left feet." Which, of course, was so obviously not true, as Amelia and I had been falling even more in love with him the last twenty minutes watching him dance. "Well, good luck with that then," was all I could think to say, yet silently cursed myself as I turned back to Amelia. Real smooth, Bree! I thought to myself.

Half an hour later, I needed some fresh air, and stepped out onto the balcony, avoiding all the couples making out, and finding a chair near the railing. I breathed in the warm night air, the atmosphere around me still having a surreal quality to it. After a few moments, I saw him again, stepping outside, and lighting up a cigarette. He leant over the railing not far from me. I couldn't help but start coughing when some smoke wafted my way, yet silently berated myself immediately afterwards.

"Sorry" he said, casting careless glance in my direction, before his mouth curved into a smile. "We keep doing this, don't we?"

I willed my heart to stop racing as I nodded. "We sure do." A small silence followed, which I filled by saying "I thought you quit smoking?" He turned towards me, still leaning on the railing, amused. There was no denying, he was one charming guy, movie star or no. He probably knew he had me flustered as he gave me his amazing half-smile, before saying "you read a lot, don't you?"

Unable to think of a witty reply, I just shrugged. "Mostly fantasy."

He tossed his cigarette to the ground and crushed it under foot. " I didn't read the Myriad until before my audition. I knew immediately I wanted the part of Raven. He got to me the most. What about you?"

I told him the truth. "Same," yet I added, "and Whiteley. I sort of missed him in the movie, but it was amazing regardless." He grinned genuinely. "Glad you think so." Just then, his mobile began to ring. He straightened up. "I better get that. If I don't see you again, let me assure you that I have quit. I only smoke socially now. See ya."

I watched him walk away, and as I silently cursed whoever had rang him at that moment, I also thought he's only 22. You're almost 17. That's only five years difference. I then smiled at my fantasies, stood up, and rejoined Amelia inside.

The night was amazing, diary! I LOVED the film, I met all the stars (and spoke to Caleb Rosier four times!) as well as making two new friends, Zoe and Michael. Now I just have to get my photos developed (and stop daydreaming about Caleb!) Hmm, I think I will read The Myriad Mile again, for the thirty first time.

A soft smile played on my lips in spite of my pain as I recalled that time, a time of simplicity and relative innocence. I allowed to fingers to flip over the pages of my journal, opening at a page almost three months later:

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