Why NOW?

What would make it right?

To do, or not to do?

What would make it RIGHT?

If I do then it won't be the same.

If I don't, it's over.

How will it ever be right?

Why did you go and do that,

Go and say those things and make me cry.

Make me want to hold you,

When my pride won't let me.

When you needed me most.

And I can't be there for you.

If I went back to you,

It wouldn't be right.

But by not going to you,

It'll never be right again.

It can't be.

Because I wasn't there.

I reached out to you anon.

But couldn't let you know it was me.

It wouldn't have been right.

If you needed me you should have called me.

But no. You wouldn't.

You can't have needed me that much then.

Please, tell me, what I should do?

What is right?