Skaterboy Meets Surfer Dude Sweetheart

For all of our time we've been friends. Fourteen days of my life I was without you. Even before we were born we were 'bump to bump'. I can't imagine living a life without you.

You, who I know so little about.

You, to whom I remain a mystery.

You, who doesn't know where I go at night.

You, who I find so strange to talk to.

Our parents used to say 'when Tom and Deen get married'. Just yesterday you said 'when we get married.' We know we want two wolves, a pool, and a Porsche. I'll write the scripts for your five star films, playa.

You, who I barely speak to on the phone.

You, I haven't seen for almost a year now.

You, who loves me without understanding me.

You, who doesn't drink or take any drugs.

We've bathed together, and you've stripped right down. You've held me in tears, and held my head under water. How many times has my mother saved your life now? How man times have I nearly died before your eyes?

You, who I readily smother with kisses.

You, my skaterboy meets surfer dude sweetheart.

You, who likes egg custard and calls me spoiled.

You, my oldest friend, my soul brother.