I'm Trying REAL Hard Ringo..

Bitch. Who the FUCK do you think you are? I'm here to let you-

No. Shut up. Calm down. Everybody lets you down, try to understand-

Why should I carry on giving a damn? It'd be so easy just to let her know -

You're better than this. No love can come from hate. Only hate. Not-

I am NOBODY'S fool. And I pity her if she thinks that she can do this to-

Me. What's me? Her world doesn't revolve around you. Give her time, so she-

Can fuck right off. I have had enough. Why should I be crying at three in the-

Morning brings a different perspective. Be good to her, and in time she'll be-

Good for her. So she's made me feel like dying. Is she happy now? I really -

Hope. Hope is like a phoenix rising out of the ashes. Have faith, she'll come -

Around and around. I bet she's not even thinking about it. Know, I know she's not-

Thinking like this isn't going to get you anywhere. Go to sleep now. No more-

Pain. So much pain. How can she DO THIS to me? How? I don't understand, I-

Loved and have been loved. Let it rest now. Your heart will mend in time.