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Sometimes, I believe that my master is alive, and yet in the end, I know that I'm just fooling myself. I woke up one night, three years ago, to find my master gone, but oddly enough, not with his possesions. I was fifteen then, and I'm eighteen now. Master had always said that I had the most beautiful dark, green eyes in the world, and the shiniest sun-colored hair in the country. I know some spells, but I'm afraid. Afraid, because I get frustrated when I'm trying to learn more, and that always seems to cause violent tornados. I still don't understand why that happens, and maybe I never will. My master was actually a sorcerer, but said he was a wizard to the people in the village below. Wizards aren't even feared, but sorcerers are, he just wanted me to have a social life, so that's why he said what he had said that day.

My master, he was like a father to me, he raised me since I was two years old, and I wish that I'd thanked him sooner. My name is Rayzon, a weird name, I know. For some reason, my name makes me think of lightning, which is an Element of wind, when combined with the water Element. I feel a tug at my cloak, near my feet, and look down,

"Imi, Imi!" The cute, furry, no more than one and a half feet tall, Imi- Child greets to me. I named him: Imi-Imi, since that's all he could say, it sounded appropiate, and he was satisfied with it. Even though his soft, but wild fur covered every inch of his tiny body, he had little baby claws on his hands, and feet. Imi-Children are the rarest of creatures, barely any are living, and throughout what history books my master had, no one has been able to figure out their meaning in life. Imi-Imi likes to help though, and he brightens up my day whenever I see him.

I hear a magestic squawk from my left, and glance towards my baby Phoenix, Chickali. Phoenixes are rare, just like Imi-Children, and I was lucky to find both on my journey, a year ago, to find the whereabouts of my master. Imi-Imi had come to me when I had fallen down a rocky slope, and badly injured myself. I think he had been picking Perganis Fruit, from a Perganis Tree, at the time, because I had woken to find it's scent on him, and it's liquid dribbling down his furry chin. He went to go get help immediately, and came back with: Chickali! She healed me with her tears, and ever since then, they had been with me. Well, they had followed me when I decided that my master must've gone to another continent, seeing as he wasn't anywhere on the Island of Perganis.

In case you're wondering, Perganis Trees can only be found on this island, and so after the tree was named, they named the island after it. The island is very large, having many villages spread out on it. My master and I lived on a mountain trail, near Mt. Havoc, a place rumored to have the Topaz of Wind in the heart of it. I still live in the large tower, obviously, there's no where wlse that feels like home to me.

I can't seem to be able to concentrate, as of late. The wind, oddly enough, has a feeling of foreboding in it's whispers. I wonder why... I feel another tug at the edge of my cloak, and I grin widely. Imi-Imi can be very persistent in getting my attention, and I look down once more, and see him holding a Perganis Fruit, offering it to me. How in the world do he get that?

I pluck it out of his hands, and see him give a sharp-teethed, wide smile. He only has two top, and bottom fangs, and it looks so adorable. My heart melts at the sight of him, and I look at the large fruit. Yellow, squishy, very healthy, and sinfully sweet. Humph, the best gift for a girl who's not from the island. Yeah, like I'll ever get a date. Even though when I do go to town, the girls tend to blink a lot when I walk in their line of sight, never really figured out why.

I look towards the west, ans see a strange sight: On the continent of Gerganio, a place where an academy of a non-flattering reputation resides, the sea is becoming violent, it's calling to someone, or something...

I shake my head, and look back towards Imi-Imi, who is looking up expectantly at me, and I pet his head, he leans into my hand, purring. I should probably continue my studying, that way I'll be ready for anything. I really don't know what I'm training for, Perganis is a peaceful island, but my master was always worried about that academy, and so in his stead, I'm worried too.


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