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P.Q: The Earth Child's name is actually Cherish, but since being the leader of... You'll find out, she'll be Lady Cherish.


I am Cherish Luller, and I am a symbol of hope for my community. My hair is as green, like lush forest surrounding us. My eyes are an ambery- brown. I know I am not normal, and I accept that. I can control many things, like the plant growth here. Before I was found as an abandoned child; the land surrounding us was a dry desert.

That is why all the people here have either golden, or brown complexions, including me. I am not human... I am... well. Myself. I don't know anything about myself. I do not know where I came from, who abandoned me, and what I am. I am the Lady of the Kingdom of Vanelarce, yet I am not royalty. Though I am fawned over like one, even the nobles bow to me, and I find it... Annoying.

Since my unknown birth on this, continent like island, there has been plants, rain, and changes in the seasons. I like to think that I had helped with other weathering parts. Someone knocks on my golden inlaid door, softly. "Milady? It's time for breakfast. Would you prefer to eat in your room? Or would you join us women?" I smile, and look over my shoulder, when the door creaks open,

"Yes, I'll break fast with you, and my fellow women of the Holy Spirit." I grab my dark green, silk robe, and sling it over my bare shoulders. I grab my shimmering, velvet gold sash, and tie the robe together. I hear the younger Sister gasp,

"Mother, your skin color tones the robe just so nicely!" She exclaims cheerfully. I laugh lightly and follow her down the corridors, and through numerous stone doors, to the dining room. The other Sisters rise obediently, and I wish they'd rise in happiness, rather than by vows. I am but seventeen, and am already a Mother. I beam at them, and sit down at the end table, where my seat is. Soon, bowls of steaming porridge is placed in front of each of us. I smile at the delicious aroma, and thank the cook and the cook's servants, graciously.

As I am about to dip my spoon into the creamy mush, a Sister addresses me. "Lady, I think it's time to state something that all of us Sisters, have wanted to say..." I slowly tense at her words. I wonder what they would declare. I look at her, and she averts her eyes, "Well, we've been discussing some things... and we decided that perhaps someone else should have the role as Mother. You are far too young, and inexperienced for such a role. Besides, it'd be a change, and the pressure wouldn't be so much for you." I calm down a little, and I find my voice after a minute,

"Well, what role would you prefer for me to have?" At this, they all bow their heads, and a voice booms from overhead,

"No need to tell her! I'll say it for you, Sisters of the Holy Spirit!" I bristle at the voice, a male voice so obnoxious, and easily despised by many.

"Hello, Prince Zeken. What is it that gives us the pleasure of your presence?" I admit, I say that a bit scornfully. I cannot help it though; the prince has been stalking me for quite some time now. He smiles malevolently at me,

"Why I've come for none other than... you!" I scream in surprise, as rough hands haul me up. I caught the flicker of a blue, bronze-tipped cape; it is Vahn, the assassin, turned general. The Sisters immediately stand up.

"You said that you wouldn't harm her!" One spoke up. Zeken is about to reply, but another Sister adds her own statement,

"You gave us your word, that you wouldn't involve Vahn in this!" Suddenly, the Sisters swarm around me, trying to grab me, but Vahn holds me up higher. I am stuck in a position I don't wish to be in; the Sisters' lives are at stake. I give a muffled scream, as Vahn leaps towards Prince Zeken. He hands me to him, and I watch in horror, as the silver-eyed assassin draws his sword. The Sisters scream in fear, and Vahn waves his sword about warningly. He will not hurt them, unless they try to stop him again.

I close my eyes, and nod to Zeken, who gives a approving chuckle. With a shrill whistle, he, Vahn, and I are off towards the castle. I risk a look at Vahn, who has stayed quiet through the trek towards Zeken's home; I do admit, that I had, and still do have a longing for him. He may have a reputation for having a cruel heart, he may have been a theif, and an assassin; but I yearn for him all the same. He has strange wolf-like eyes, which bore holes into you, studying your every movement. I saw him for the first time when I was fifteen, gathering troops to set off to explore a cave, and I had longed for him ever since.

I do not know how old he is; he looks to be in his early twenties though. My staring has earned me a quiet glance from him and I blush, looking away. I feel his eyes boring holes into the side of my face, and I feel my face burn brighter. You can't see my flaming cheeks, thank goodness, because of my skin colour. I see the infamous castle, large and foreboding in the darkness.

"Welcome home, my bride-to-be." Zeken calmly states to me. I frown at his choice of words, and wish that I were somewhere else. Anywhere but here, in his arms. I hear a soft cough from Vahn,

"Your Highness, if I may be excused..." Zeken sighs in annoyance above me,

"Fine. Be on your way." I hear quiet footsteps, as the assassin walks away. I look towards the castle again, and I shiver. The flag of black and gold waves in the moonlight, seeming to glow. The torches, illuminating the outside walls from the windows, flicker softly to those passing by. Guards, armor glinting in the glow of the moon gives an eerie dead look to each of them. There are two on each of the four sides, but this is only what I see; for all I know, there could be fifty sentries.

I hear pounding, frantic rushing of feet, and I avert my gaze to the man running to meet us. "My Prince!" It is the second in command, Sir Jallor, "You've been gone a long time, and we were..." He trails off, as he notices my presence. His armor makes creaking sounds, as he shuffles his feet. "Your Highness, is this the bride in which you have spoken of?" I swear, I could almost smell Zeken's smugness,

"Yes, indeed. Pretty, isn't she? The Mother of the Holy Spirit." Sir Jallor gasps, I had tended to his wounds once,

"Really? Lady Cherish, is that you? Oh, goodness child! I didn't recognize you, bad light, and all. Well, I'm glad that you, and Zeken are finally together! You'd make a great queen." He marches over to the men at the gate, "Open the gate! Your prince, is coming with his bride-to-be!" I'm disgusted by what I am going to be.

I look towards the moon, wishing that someone would save me...

No one knew how Zeken really was, except Vahn...

Bright light washes over me, from the chandelier, and even it's warm glow does not subdue my shivers. I look around at the fine silk drapes, and find my eyes watering.

Is this my fate? To be wed without my will in it? Is this... Punishment from the Holy Spirit? If this is then someone save me!



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