Verbally Frustrated.
This is my poem with big words,
In the first instance, it sounds absurd.
It isn't here to complicate,
But my language wants to elongate.
I fear if I'm to technical,
I'll become a public spectacle.
It's imminent this will occur,
When I commence to extend words.
Do it if you're a hermaphrodite,
Any Centigrade or Fahrenheit.
Do it when you are undressing,
And when the moon is effervescing.
If you're into Gynaecology,
Have diplomas in Biology,
It makes you feel really clever
To use big words that seldom ever
Get used in general conversation.
It seems like verbal constipation,
Not to use these lovely words,
For posh occasions they're reserved.
Nice words like phototropism,
Not forgetting sadomasochism,
Elucidate, emaciation,
Gregarious and conflagration.
These are the words we all should use,
For many hours I sit and muse
On all the smashing words to say
To get me through the following day.
This was my poem with big words.
Toast and strawberry conserve.