I always worked and was lonely

I'll never get a girl

I never noticed you before but you like me

We hung out

I liked you

Your parent's felt we were too young

So we'll go out when everything's cool

We were both A students but to hell with school we both said

I didn't do the homework and couldn't focus in class

I had every reason to not want to go to school

But you were there

We'd go over friend's houses and watch TV

We'd sit next to each other in each other's arms

I'm now more than half way through my teens

I've never been happier then I was at those moments

I still see that smile on your face

It's just that smile isn't there anymore

You mode's been down and now you're in summer school

Over the past two years you've gone from happy and energetic

To depressed and fatigued

You've lost interest in the things you used to love

You isolate yourself and say people just "piss (you) off"

As I've said before you've lost interest in me

It hurts for me to see you like this

And for us to no longer be an "item"

Some say I "hurt" myself to numb the pain

Ya know, maybe that's true

I don't "hurt" myself though

I still love you dearly

And hope someone manages to cheer you up

I always love seeing you, but then have another restless night

I look at my wrists and despite my wants I can't do this anymore

We drew the line that we wouldn't kiss until after we officially went out

We never did

I want you to meet someone better

What I would do to really kiss you goodbye though