Prologue Sacal - the center of the known universe. Not known for it's beauty, culture, or technological advances. Sacal is known as the instigator of the millennia long war. The capital of the galaxy, is home to the biggest blood-guilt in the galaxy. It is also home to the galactic council. The galactic council is made up of the nobility for each planet. One hundred and twelve planets are left in the galaxy after the war. Twelve slave planets are owned by the most affluent planets. Sacal owning two of the slave planets - Tucken and Xelar. The two slave worlds feed and provide goods for their mother planet. Sacal, being mostly city has no room for farms and factories. Tucken is an agricultural planet providing food for all three planet, while Xelar makes machinery. Intelligent robots and machines to harvest the crops of Tucken are made on Xelar. The people of Tucken and Xelar are treated as slaves as well. Not fed enough or given proper homes, the people of Tucken and Xelar eagerly await their promised leader to come and free them from slavery. The other slave worlds also await different leaders to come or events to happen that will free them. Kashla waits for the Balac to happen. When their people are miraculously freed by their God. While the people of Telas await their messiah to free them from bondage. Somehow Tucken and Sacal lie in the middle of everything. The council's strictest laws forbid the slave worlds from ever becoming independent or ruling themselves. But rules are made to be broken.

Well it's been a while since I've written Sci-fi. I wanted to create my own universe where the government and history is different from things like Dune and Star Wars. This is a little like Dune and a little like Star Wars in certain ways, but still my own. I'm hoping I'll be able to write this story till the end. Feedback would be wonderful to keep the creativity coming. So lemme know what you think :)