Chapter Nine
"What?!" Osric asked.
"I can tell you're bored with Tucken. You concern yourself with runaways! That says a lot, brother!"
"It says that the runaway is a beautiful woman," Osric said dryly. Bexen nodded.
"Well, Xelar is your now. There are things to do here, at least. You might want to spend most of your time here. The palace is nicer."
Osric nodded and smiled slightly.
"Well, let's get some dinner then go to the funeral," Bexen suggested.
Osric agreed and followed him down the hall.

After the funeral, Osric said goodbye to his brother and went to one of the empty rooms in the palace. It was bigger than his room on Tucken and had beautiful paintings on the walls. A netscreen filled one wall. Quickly her set up a link between him and the palace on Tucken.
"My lord!" a servant exclaimed.
"Please pack up all of my belongings and bring them to Xelar."
"Yes, my lord. Anything else?"
"No. I suppose nothing's happened since I left."
"No, my lord. But there was a young woman who came looking for you. She was very sad when I said you weren't on Tucken, my lord."
Osric was immediately alert.
"What did she look like?"
"Very odd for a slave, my lord. Very short red hair and -"
"Acha! I'll be returning to Tucken immediately!"
With that Osric broke the communication and ran out of the room on Xelar. He ran to his ship and got on board. The pilot lay asleep in the cockpit.
"Uh... yes, my lord?"
"Tucken. As fast as possible!"
"Yes, my lord!"
A few moments passed and they were in the sky headed for Tucken.

Acha walked slowly into her complex. She didn't know when the king would be back. She could go everyday to the palace but her parents needed her help, with the harvest. Acha went quietly to her room and shut the door. She gazed up at the beautiful yellow dress with sadness in her eyes. the dress has expensive sequins and jewels attached. It reminded her that because she was greedy she wasn't married. Her mother was right though. She would marry someone. Just not to the person she wanted to be married to.

Osric's ship landed heavily nearby the palace. Osric jumped up and ran out of the ship as fast as he could. Once outside he found an electric cart and jumped inside. He powered it up and sped towards Acha's complex. Electric carts went much faster than carts pulled by xer dragons. In twenty minutes Osric was there. He stopped and jumped out. Not it was dark out and no lights lit up the complex, only Tucken's two moons. Osric had no idea where Acha lived and knocked on the first door he saw. A gruff looking man came to the door. Eyeing Osric he asked, "what do you want?"
Osric cleared his throat.
"I was wondering if a young lady by the name of Acha lives here."
"Do you know where she lives?"
"Yes," the man said pointing around a corner.
"Thank you, kind sir. I'm sorry for bothering you."
The man smiled at being called a sir and shut the door. Osric ran down and turned the corner to see only one door. Osric walked up to it and knocked. A man came to the door. He was fairly tall, with reddish hair and green eyes.
"May I help you?" he asked in a soft voice.
"Yes. Does a young woman named Acha live here?"
"May I speak to her?"
"Of course. Please come in."
Beonoc showed the young king into their family room.
"Wait here."
Osric nodded and stopped near the entrance to the family room. Beonoc continued down the hall the Acha's room. He knocked lightly.
"Someone's here to see you."
Acha got up and opened her door. Her father winked at her and Acha ran out of her room and down the hall. She caught a flash of purple cloth as she rounded the corner and gasped. Osric smiled as she came around the corner. Bending down on one knee he hoped she would accept. Acha grinned as she slowed her pace and came into the family room and saw Osric. For a moment neither of them said anything.
"Lady Acha?"
"Will you -"
"Yes!" she yelled before he could finish. She barely knew the man but somehow she knew she was making the right decision. Osric grinned. Barely able to move with the excitement pumping through his veins, he shakily stood up. Acha walked up to him and they embraced, not as a slave and a king, but as husband and wife.

And they lived happily ever after... not! hehe... anyways, I hope you like my sappy ending to chapter nine... just remember, it's not over yet! please review(what else did you expect me to say?)