A/N: Welcome to the new collection! I figured it was only appropriate that the first one be about eyes, so this is a sonnet I wrote a while back, but in the future they should be a little less involved. I'll be updating it once a week. Hope you enjoy! And good luck with your interpretations . . . I'm curious to see what you come up with. =)


Never could I have lost all Common Sense

As in those two rings of dazzling sapphire

That, like blue glass, reflect in recompense

For a muffled voice, love that ne'er tires.

But, beware – not too close! Another force

Awaits beyond these gleaming crystal pools.

For set steel globes do claim Persuasion's source;

Shrewd voices in their depths devise the rules.

Now, Black does try to infiltrate pure Blue,

And Blue to submerge insidious Black;

'Tis an unending battle, yet still it is true:

Shadow has vantage for light sometimes lacks.

Alas, Love is not governed by the heart

When reason that is not one's own takes part.