Why am I so scared of my own blood?

Shouldn't he be a friend, not someone like this I can't tell my story without shedding tears

Don't want to remember; want to block it all out

But I can't anymore; can't keep the secret

I trust my friends and they help me along

What happens when they've finally had enough They leave, but there are some who're there

They let me cry, let me talk, 'till I'm better again

But I don't want to remember what the did

I feel so betrayed; so violated; to hated

If I want wanted to tell, I can't remember it all. Don't want to; but I have to; just can't anymore

Can't talk, can't remember, can't face him today...

If I tell, will he hate me then? Don't want that

Don't want more tears, don't want more abuse Either way I chose I'll cry; I'm protecting him

Shouldn't protect him anymore; why do I?

Don't want the tears to come anymore at night

Don't want to be weak; I keep shattering

Why now? Why ever? Why'd it happen at all?

Being forced to see him this summer; hurts so much

They don't know what he did to me

They're blind; do I really hide this well?

Sometimes I feel so alone, and then I see the

Caring faces of my friends around me

Even without words, I know it'll all be all right

Don't want no more tears; don't want it

Don't want more abuse; can't take it anymore

Either way I choose, I'll cry; I'm still protecting him