Being close and enjoying the moment

Having your head on my shoulder

And my arm wrapped around yours

You'd smile

And I'd lay the tip of my mouth on your head for a while

Too many say that, that doesn't mean anything

And I never hit it far

"Did the blood even head south"

Stupid perverts

If Things could have stayed that way

When you would walk from behind me and would lean on by back till I came around to greet you

Now we say goodbye with you giving me a look of despise

And if I'm lucky we shake hands

You admit you've been sick and depressed

In a humorous sort of way

You believe your joking

I'm the only one who knows your not

You always seem to be "PMSing"

And say things that tend to hurt me

you called me a "dick"

A "bigot"

And a "sexists bastard"

Even tough I didn't say anything

And no one could tell where that came from

You've become moody and isolate yourself from the world

You minimize your contact with people as much as you can

Your life seems consumed by the Internet

And you'll even block us

Even If things never rekindle between us

I wish I could help you

But you shut down when anyone try's

Shallow your damn pride

You're making yourself and everyone around you miserable