No one understands me.
No one cares to
No one can hear my plea
No one knows but you

How do you know?
How is it that we are alike?
How can all this be so?
How can we be misunderstood?

Why do people turn away from us?
Why can't we be accepted?
Why must people make such a fuss?
Why is it that being different not expected?

You help me to not care
You keep me sane
You told me not be sad when people stare
You were there through all my pain

I wanted to be 'normal'
I wanted the 'good' life.
I wanted not to be 'abnormal'
I wanted to just grab the knife

For a moment I did cut myself
For a moment I cried
For moment I had no self
For a moment I thought I cried

Now I am glad
Now I am grown
Now I will never be sad
Now we won't ever be alone