"I'm loopy! I'm loopy! - Oww." Katrina chanted before she ran into a wall. "I think I just lost some brain cells." She said dully. "Kat, I don't think you had any brain cells left to lose." Cindy stated in the same monotonous tone. "Well it hurt anyways." They laughed together gleefully. "Hate to say it but I gotta' go 'cuz my mom'll get mad if I'm late for dinner." Cindy said. "'K lata'!" Kat said cheerily. "Byeness!"
Later that night at dinner Kat's mother received an urgent call that made her gasp and then faint. "MOM!" Kat's older sister, Lynn, shrieked while running to help her. Kat picked up the phone, but no one was there. The two doctored their mother until she awoke. "What happened, Mum?" Kat blurted out. "KAT!" "It's aright, Lynn. But," Mrs. Overly said, "my mother died Saturday night. The two... of you. are to speak at her... funeral." Lynn broke out in muffled sobs while Kat raced to her room. Kat sought out her beloved diary.
Dear Diary, September 9 Saturday night my grandma died, and now I have to speak at her funeral on Thursday. That stinks! I mean, I didn't even like the lady! She pinched me and only liked Lynn and all sorts of mean things. ARGH! Why did this have to happen to me?! Well I have to go.
Kat Overly

Kat went right to bed after that because she didn't want to listen to her mom and sister moping about.
The next day at school Kat told Cindy everything that had happened last night. "Well tell your mom how you fell." Cindy said. Kat sighed, 'Why can't life be simple? I can't wait 'til Dad gets back from his trip tomorrow.'
The school day passed quickly and Kat dreaded returning to her mother and sister grieving over her Nana.
When she arrived home her mother said, "Kat, why don't you get to work on your speech?" "I have homework." Kat lied, walking away.
She found her diary and decided to write an entry.
Dear Diary September 10 I have to write a stupid SPEECH for my Nana, just because she died! It's not like she did anything for me! I can't wait to talk to Dad about this tomorrow when he gets. And that cute guy I like, Nick, talked to me for about 5 minutes straight! I was practically in the I remembered my speech-UGH! Well I gotta go.
Kat Overly
Through out the remainder of the day Kat turned stone-hearted.
During school on Tuesday Kat was called to the office along with many other heart broken students. Going into the office she saw her mother crying. "Mum? What's going on?" Kat's voice quavered, scared to hear the answer. "Kat." She trailed off, "terrorists . hijacked 's crashed... it into the..WTC." She drawled out. Kat's heart was suddenly engulfed in a black hole that practically swallowed it. She was suddenly pulled into a state of bawling like there was no tomorrow. "Whey did this have to happen to me!?" She cried out. 'It didn't just happen to you.' The more sensible half of her replied. "Mum." She finally managed, "I have... class..but I .home ASAP." " ." And with that they parted.
As the day went on Kat's world crumbled into pieces of an impossible puzzle, but then after last period something brought the sun out. She found a note in her locker from Nick which she read with a kind heart. Kat could tell he had been crying. She ran over to him and flung her arms around him with a, "Thanks." Nick looked sorrowful. "Ya my dad was on the same plane, and I thought it might help because I heard about your Grandma." "Thanks." was all Kat could say.
Once at home, Kat sat weeping with her mother for about an hour before whispering, "I need to write my speech." "Aright. I love you, Kat." "I love you to, Mum."
She hurried through her homework because she had a lot to say in her speech. Kat only stopped writing for a bite to eat for dinner and then continued late into the night.
The next morning Kat awoke on top of her speech paper. School instantly came to mind and she nearly pushed over her mother, who was coming into the room to wake Kat up. "Slow down!" She said to Kat, "You have plenty of time before school!" Kat instantly relaxed and dressed for school.
When she arrived at school she brushed Cindy off to see Nick. "Thanks again. I felt this was appropriate." She said stuffing a folded up piece of paper into his hands. Nick was speechless after reading it. "I have to go." Kat declared finally.
It was her hardest day ever and she just sort of drifted through her classes, not noticing anything until her mother put her in bed.
Thursday morning was her Nana's funeral. Kat was pleased to see that Nick was in the crowd, she had invited him after reading his note. He gave her a nod of encouragement as she approached the podium.
"Hello, my name is Katrina Overly. Christine Deploy was my grandmother. At first I hadn't exactly appreciated Nana, I didn't care. And then one day this week I received a note that explained everything to me about Nana. If you don't mind I wound like to read it to you.
I know how you feel because when I lost my grandpa I didn't really care. I brushed it off without a care. I hadn't understood that when he terrorized me or got me into trouble, it was his was of showing he cared. Through his acts he taught me to be a loving person although I didn't realize it at the time. I just hope you can discover how you grandma's way of loving you as shaped your personality, and that you won't regret your attitude towards her death.
"The rest I would rather not say, and I would like the author to remain unknown. These words taught me a lot about my Nana and her ways and it has changed my personality from 100% attitude to 100% emotion." Katrina then stepped down from the podium with watery eyes thinking, 'No more 'what ifs' for me. I want people to know how I feel.'


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