~* Fancy*~
Someone else called you hers,
And a crystallized dagger pierced my heart,
The cold and stinging slicing it in two.
I thought you were by yourself,
Single just as I am.
I'm beginning to think I was wrong.
I'll tell you I love you and all the stuff we used to say,
And you tell me to shorten it to Peace In.
That hurt but I figured you just knew what I wanted to say.
Am I wrong for hurting?
Am I wrong for the pain and jealousy I'm feeling?
I know I disappoint you in many ways,
But I am trying my best.
I love you with all my heart,
I just wish I could know,
If you love me as I love you.
We had plans together,
I had my dreams,
You always seemed to understand,
But now I'm beginning to rethink things through.
If she was just joking,
Then I made myself look like a jack ass,
But if not,
Just tell me yourself that you have someone else,
I survived it before, I'll do it again.
Just please,
I need to know.
Can I be blamed for trying to figure you out?
I love you,
Can I get blamed for that?
In honesty, most things can get blamed on me.
I'm not perfect and I know that,
But I just want to have you for all eternity and I'll be happy.
Just tell me,
From the bottom of my heart I need to know.
Is there still a chance for me or has someone else taken to your fancy?