Why does he always talk so much,

when she and I are on the phone?

Little brother.

Not mine, but close enough.

I wondered at your silliness, marveled at your wisdom.

We liked so many of the same things.

In the back of my mind, a tapestry of visions.

Trips to Egypt, discussing the theories behind the Sphinx.

So many plans.

So many dreams you had, that we had for you.

All crushed alongside that lonely road, splintered fragments we cling to.

Even though they cut and the memories sting.

I look outside my window, inhale the breath of spring

and wonder how it is possible that you're not here.

Little brother.

Taken far before your time.

It's all right that you interrupted so many telephone calls.

I wish I would have told you that.

Someday I will see those faraway lands, the ones that made up both our dreams.

and I won't be alone beneath the pillars of Karnak.

You'll be there too.

I'll take you with me.